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It’s always a big decision whether or not to have children at a wedding reception.

There are certainly pros and cons to both options and the decision is inevitably the bride and grooms… but everybody’s doing it  😉

If you decide to include the children there are additional choices…
–    Have them attend the ceremony only and then head off to the childcare of their parent’s choice
–     Have them attend the reception as well and make it fun for them and everyone else

There are a lot of weddings and events where children are welcome and encouraged to attend and if yours is one of them start thinking about what you would like to do earlier than later. This way both parents can stay and play without worrying about the kids.

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When you decide to host the kiddos don’t feel like you have to make them stay in the reception room all night. There is a time and a place for all things and a baby sitting room definitely has a place during the reception.

The scenario that I find works out the best is to have some entertainment at the cocktail hour… maybe a balloon artist or clown, a kids table at the reception followed by a “Kiddo Chill Room” after dinner and let them return for dessert if that works into the schedule.

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Make sure the kids have fun right off the bat. This will allow their parents to have fun. We don’t want to make the event cheesy in any way, but thoughtful… Giant Jenga is often a favorite… The table should be kid friendly with special activity boxes/bags for each child. They should all be the same so that no one feels slighted. I like to have a special arrangement for this table that coordinates with the entire room, but is fun.

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The “Activity Box” should include:

–    “Our Wedding” Activity book: include fun stories, mad libs, connect the dots and other fun facts about the wedding day, bride/groom and families-    Coloring-    Camera or video
–    Tech toy or Outdoor toy
–    Maybe some flip flops and jammies if it’s going late night…
Those sorts of ideas…

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Photo Credit: Matthew Morgan

The “Chill Room” should include:

–    A fun babysitter  (you probably only need one because not all the kids will be there at the same time)
–    A TV & DVD player *have only 2 or 3 movies so that kids don’t bicker over what to watch
(Nemo and Brave are good)
–    A craft (nothing too messy…)
–    A table, chairs and some blankets
–    Water & popcorn (keep the sugar to a minimum)

This is a surefire way to include the kids without having them take over the wedding. It keeps the crankies to a minimum and will allow the parents to play too.



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