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You will likely have guests visiting Aspen from near and far to celebrate your special day with you. Traveling to a wedding can be costly – in both time and money. Surprise your out-of-town wedding guests by putting together a creative welcome bag. When they arrive to the hotel after a long day of travel, your gift will be a nice treat and a great start to the wedding festivities. It is a thoughtful, fun way to thank your guests for attending.

So, what goes into a welcome bag? With help from TheHELLOtote  we have rounded up everything you need to know about putting together a great welcome bag sure to impress your guests.

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  1. Make it personal

The Hello Totes says, “Every wedding is unique and we can honestly say no two wedding welcome bags or gifts have ever been the same. We love to talk to the bride and groom and get a feel for their wedding. Is it mountain casual or city chic? Big and formal or an intimate gathering of family only? We then look at their wedding suite thus far, such as colors and fonts and decor, to get a feel for the wedding overall. Together with these details, we then determine any special places, interests, or passions of the bride and groom.

For example; a Texas bride marrying a New York City groom might mean their welcome bag has a big chocolate horseshoe, with some taxi cab cookies. Including items from places they have lived or loved often gives a great personal touch. And of course, we always include a welcome letter from the couple!”

Image from Stylemepretty.com

Image by StyleMePretty.com

  1. Include local specialties.

Share some of your favorite local Aspen eats with your guests. Whether a seasonal snack or decadent treat there are so many options. The golden rule that TheHELLOtote uses for food is “to include something salty and something sweet – often these two can be one item (think chocolate drizzled sea salt popcorn).”

Some of our favorite local eats for inspiration are:

  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory (You can’t go wrong with chocolate!)

  • Boulder Chips

  • Colorado Salsa

  • Mountain Man Nuts and Fruits (Trail mix is a great snack!)

  • Mountain America Jerky

  • Cinnamon Rolls (Colorado’s State Snack)

  • LaMar’s Donuts

  • Colorado Salsa

  • Colorado Coffee Co.

  • Rocky Mountain Popcorn Co.

  • Justin’s- (Love the pretzel and almond butter snack packs!)


image from Parrot Design Studio
Image by Parrot Design Studio

HelloTote image by Robin Proctor Photography

HELLOtote image by Robin Proctor Photography

image by Bundles.com

Image by BundlesColorado.com

  1. Don’t forget the necessities.

You want your guests to be feeling their best, so provide some things to keep them feeling good! TheHELLOtote advises, “The most important aspects of a welcome bag are to encourage guests to hydrate, acclimate, and recuperate. This is theHELLOtote motto! Water bottles are a great item, as are any energy (think Vitamin B and C) supplements to adapt to altitude changes for high altitude weddings. Our Mini Hangover Kits are very popular, which always include pain medicine and stomach soothers! Snacks are lifesavers for airport arrivals and late night munchies.”

Consider the weather and location of your wedding as well when choosing these items. TheHELLOtote shares, “S’more kits are fun year-round for mountain, farm, or lakeside weddings. Hand and foot warmers are winter essentials. Beach weddings are another great place to include sunscreen, face misters, and maybe one extra pair of sunglasses!”

Many of your out-of-town guests won’t be used to the altitude, so these things can help make them more comfortable. Here are a few ideas.

  • Reusable water bottle or bottled water

  • Sunscreen

  • Lip balm

  • Gum or mints

  • Mini oxygen canisters

  • Acli-mate energy supplements

  • Face misters

  • Sunglasses


image by Robin Proctor Photography

image by Robin Proctor Photography

  1. Consider the packaging.

How you put all of these things together is very important. “For all of our events, we love a custom tote bag. It is easy for guests to tote around town and is a fun (and easy) item to pack up and take back home,” says theHELLOtote.

Here are a few additional things we love to include:

  • A personalized map showing key spots

  • Important event information

  • Reusable tote bag that they can keep

  • Provide a list of tips for high-altitude

  • Write a personal note thanking the guest for attending


  1. Deliver it!

You have enough to worry about during your busy wedding weekend. Don’t let the totes be a hassle. Distribute bags to everyone during a welcome party or have them delivered to your guests hotels. (TheHELLOtote offers full-service delivery to local hotels in Aspen, Denver and beyond.)

The totes should at the very least be given to wedding party members to thank them for their duties and for traveling to be a part of your day. TheHELLOtote recommends, “for destination weddings where more than three-quarters of the guests are traveling from afar, it is a fantastic way to welcome everyone to the wedding weekend. Even locals should receive a welcome bag, as they are most likely helping out-of-towners navigate – they might even be hosting some of your guests at their home.”


Whether you welcome your guests with a bottle of water and some snacks, or a personalized tote full of treats and necessities, your guests will appreciate the gesture.


Love these ideas? Share with us: What would be your number one “must” to have in your guests welcome bags?


Sincere thanks to Erin and Amy of theHELLOtote for their contributions to this post. If you are interested in learning more about how they can design a unique welcome bag for your guests visit their website here.




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