Wedding Do’s and Don’ts for the Mother-of-the-Bride


Mother’s Day was celebrated this past weekend, and as you approach your daughters wedding day you may be feeling very emotional about your little girl growing up and celebrating this big milestone in her life. It’s a special time for bonding together, lots of happy events and Planning a wedding together can be a very fun process, or maybe it’s involved a lot of butting heads and disagreements about everything. Regardless of your experience, here are some fun ways for you as the mother of the Bride to be involved, but still let your daughter have the wedding she is dreaming about.

DO respect the opinions of your daughter and her fiance. If your side is contributing financially to fund the wedding, it might be tempting to want to make the decisions. While your daughter likely values your input, respect their wishes and taste. Be honest about the budget and your ideas, but allow them to make the final decisions on vendors, decor, and other details. DON’T criticize the dress choices. While your daughter’s fashion choices may not be what you have envisioned her in on her special day, hold back any negative feelings. If you love a look, tell her so. If you are not a fan of something about the dress, share in a nicer way such as- “I really loved how the first dress fit you so well- maybe you should try another dress with that style but with the lace you want.” Shopping for a dress is one of the most fun activities for the MOB, make it a fun moment where your daughter feels special. DO choose your battles. You are likely going to disagree with some of the choices she likes, and it may be difficult to release the planning reigns a bit. But fighting about small details isn’t worth it, the important thing is that you will be by her side on her wedding day. DON’T forget your dress. While clearly the brides dress is the most important fashion choice of the wedding, you want to look special too. Picking out something special to wear for the occasion is fun (and for many MOB’s it can be stressful!!) Choose a style of dress that matches the formality of the wedding- i.e. you don’t want a full length ballgown at a barn wedding. And of course avoid WHITE. That shade should be for the Bride only. DO provide some input for the guest list. Ask the bride and groom about the number of people they are planning on inviting and their plans for your contribution to the guest list. Some couples choose to give each side of the family a certain number they can invite. Once you have received an idea of the number of people you can invite, share your list with them. DON’T ignore a Bridezilla (or Groomzilla) If your daughter is out of line or making everyone crazy with their actions, talk to them. If they are anxious or overwhelmed, offer to take something off their plate. Remind her of the important things- their love and rest of their lives together. The wedding is just one day, while it should be special, it isn’t the end of the world if something isn’t working out as they had hoped. We hope you found these tips helpful as you continue to enjoy the wedding planning process with your daughter. We wish you both a lot of happiness and joy as you celebrate this special occasion as a family.

May 15, 2018 |

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