Wedding Season in Aspen


Wedding season in Aspen has officially started! 

I had the pleasure of photographing Jenn and Mike’s wedding on June 2nd, with Jason Burns of DL Event Planning The day started out partly cloudy, then we had the typical afternoon shower that lasted 15 minutes and the rest of the day was gorgeous with mild temperatures, perfect lighting for pictures and incredible surroundings.   One of my favorite moments I remember was when Mike first saw Jenn in her wedding gown, he was so excited and expressive, I have never seen a groom so thrilled to see his bride for the first time in her wedding gown, it was beautiful.

The couple decided to have all of the formals taken before the wedding.  We had planned for family photos in Ashcroft, but due to the afternoon storm, we switched to Plan B, which was downtown.  The session was so much fun!  After photos we headed to the Aspen Historical Society – Wheeler/Stallard museum  for the wedding ceremony.  When I first arrived at the museum I was pleasantly surprised by the peacefulness of this location, it is a beautiful park in the heart of Aspen.  The grounds were vibrant green, the trees provided the perfect shading for guests, the flowers were blooming like crazy and a musician was playing acoustic guitar to greet everyone.

I loved the unique white huppa provided by the Aspen Branch, it was a creative, contemporary idea.  They also did a fabulous job with the tent decor, the chandeliers and candles provided a soft elegant light throughout the evening. 

Halcyon Productions was also on site providing the audio system and generator for the evening.

The after party was off the hook!  Dj Naka G and Katarina Visnevska – violinist extraordinaire, played together for some amazing entertainment.  Definitely a night to remember! 

June 11, 2012 |

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