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Vendor Spotlight: Snowmass Chapel


Snowmass Chapel is a magical place to say “we do.” Gorgeous gardens, an intimate chapel and beautiful scenery make it the perfect Aspen Wedding venue. This stunning non-denominational Chapel has been around for 30 years.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, Snowmass Chapel is a picture-perfect backdrop for your nuptials. It is truly stunning any time of year whether you desire springtime blooms, fall foliage or winter snow. It would truly be a perfect spot for your wedding day! We spoke to Jane Floyd about what makes this venue special.




Q: How long have you been in business?

A: The Chapel is celebrating 30 years of non-denominational worship. Although we are non-denominational, we are sanctioned by the Catholic Church to provide Catholic weddings.

Q: What makes your venue unique?

A:Beautiful stream-side location with both indoor and outdoor options. Our sanctuary has recently been refreshed with new entry tile, carpet, paint and upholstery.

Q: How many people can the venue accommodate?

A:215 in the sanctuary and 250 on the lawn. We also offer small gardens… the John Denver Memorial Law with 80 to 110 guests and Streamside Park with 30-40 guests.




Q:How would you describe Snowmass Chapel in three words?

A: Beautiful, Peaceful, Enchanting

Q: What does it include? (I.e. chairs, tables, linens, etc.)

A: Use of the grounds. We provide a preferred list of vendors for additional enhancements.

Q: How many hours are included in the rental?

A:Typically 4 hours or by special arrangement.

Q: What are catering options?

A: We welcome all approved caterers.

Q: What is a typical wedding day like?

A:Sunshine as guests cross the entry footbridge through quaking aspens. Beautiful music to set the tone, gardens in bloom. Memorable ceremony with our clergy or visiting clergy. Joyful exit.

Q: What are special touches you love?

A: We have a very capable staff to assist with all areas of planning this very special event. While this space can accommodate many guests, it remains an intimate setting.


Thank you so much Jane for your contribution to this post. Snowmass Chapel is an enchanting venue with many options to personalize and make your wedding special.

If you’re interested in learning more about Snowmass Chapel…

Contact them:


>Snowmass Chapel


5307 Owl Creek Road,

Snowmass Village, CO 81615

P.O.Box 17169

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August 3, 2017 |

REAL ASPEN WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Lisa and Scott Tie the Knot at Aspen Recreation Center


Wedding Date: 09/24/2016

Bride and Groom: Lisa and Scott

From the Bride: We were engaged in October 2015 at the top of Independence Pass. We got married in Aspen in front of more than 100 friends and family. We dated on/off for 7+ years and have a daughter together. I LOVE Aspen/Snowmass and couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else. It was the first wedding ever to be held at the Aspen Recreation Center. Our brothers officiated and married us- very personal and warm! We also read our own vows! Farm-to-cocktail drinks, exquisite food, climbing, batting and skating for all ages. A weekend of activities pre and post wedding event.

Location of Ceremony?: Aspen Recreation Center, Iselin Field

How did you decide on your ceremony location? We definitely wanted to be outside and Iselin Field provided us with a stunning outdoor location- perched between Aspen Highlands and Tiehack looking directly at Pyramid Peak. The grass was green, the trees were in their peak leaf changing phase and a dusting of snow recently hit the high peaks.

Location of Reception?Aspen Recreation Center

How did you decide on your reception location? We knew we were going to invite and welcome kids with our family/friends so we were looking for an untraditional site where there would be an overabundance of activities for the kids of all ages.

Where did you book your accommodations? Westin Snowmass and Destination Snowmass condos

What was the mood at the wedding? Unique and different. We wanted to have a very relaxed and comfortable setting that felt like us and allowed everyone to have a good time getting to know each other and with the food, drink and rock climbing/ice skating/batting cages as entertainment.

Best memory from the wedding day? How can I pick just one? Loved the final moments of getting my dress on with our daughter, my soon-to-be husband and our babysitter all working to zip me into my dress. We had a few minutes of unexpected calm before we headed over to the ceremony site which was quite lovely. My husbands personal vows were amazing- and us climbing the rock wall together- racing actually- made us smile (with all of our guests watching).

Any advice for a bride planning a destination wedding? Be prepared to take many trips to that destination beforehand if you are eager to get all the pieces right. Luckily, the Roaring Fork Valley is my favorite place in the world so I had no problem heading there regularly sometimes with and sometimes without my now husband.

Aspen Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Our Love is Loud

Florist: Modern West Floral Company

Makeup: Full Circle Salon in Aspen

Lighting: West Side Lighting

Caterer: EAT

Transportation: Aspen Valley School District

Rehearsal Dinner: Highlands Ale House

Brunch: Westin Snowmass

July 31, 2017 |

Vendor Spotlight: Gwyn’s High Alpine


Aspen is a beautiful place to get married. If you are planning an Aspen wedding there are many wonderful venues to choose from and vendors to help you put your dreams into reality. One of these amazing Aspen venues is Gwyn’s High Alpine. While this local restaurant has been known as one of the best on-mountain restaurants for 30+ years, this year is the first they are involved in wedding planning.

Gwyn’s boasts high quality cuisine and stunning mountain views. Located at 10,461 ft. on the mountain in Snowmass, it is an intimate and unique wedding venue in the Roaring Fork Valley. It would truly be a perfect spot for your wedding day! We spoke to Whitney and Gwyn about what makes their venue special.


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We have been in business for 38 years but have just moved into the summer Wedding and party planning business since our remodel this year.

Q: What makes your venue unique?

A: Our venue is very unique because it is mid-mountain on the ski area in Snowmass and was not accessible for summer events until this last year when the road was improved for remodel construction. We are one of the only family owned on- mountain operations in the Aspen area and the United States. We have a beautiful facility that is completely off the beaten path and yet complete with everything for any wedding or event.

Q: How many people can the venue accommodate?

A:Gwyn’s dining room seats 100 people but our famous Sailplane level will accommodate 150 people which is our max via the Forest Service.

Q: What does it include? (I.e. chairs, tables, linens, etc.)

A:Our venue pricing includes ceremony site fees and Food and Beverage costs. We are happy to accommodate any additional planning to make the event all-inclusive and worry-free for the couple.

Q: How many hours are included in the rental?

A:There are no hourly limits to the wedding venue. Transportation to and from the venue is the only hourly cost that is incurred.


Q: What are catering options?


A:Our executive chef will work with Bride and Groom to provide the ultimate wedding culinary experience.

Q: What is a typical wedding day like?

A:The day for the wedding couple begins with a scenic ride up the ski area with the wedding party. We have multiple levels and areas for the couple and their parties to get prepared for the wedding. Guests will be escorted in Luxury Vans up the mountain and welcomed to our amazing venue at 10,461ft. Post ceremony, overlooking the Cirque, appetizers and cocktails will be served on our spacious upper deck as Wedding party and family take photos over an incredible vista of the Snowmass Valley Below. Dinner will be served in Gwyn’s Dining Room or on our Sail Plane Level. Conclude the reception dinner with a custom cake from one of our classically trained Pastry Chef’s. After toasts, dancing will commence in our grand entry. Gwyn’s is an incredibly unique and private venue with the most beautiful views.


Q: What are special touches you love?

A:We are very proud of our family restaurant and venue and will do everything to make the experience as perfect and personal as possible. We can provide just​ the venue and the catering or we can organize the entire event with wedding planning included to ensure that your wedding is perfect and stress free. We are known for our world class food and service and will make your wedding the most unique, spectacular and memorable day of your lives.




Thank you so much Whitney and Gwyn for your contribution to this post. Gwyn’s High Alpine is a beautiful venue with many options to personalize and make your wedding special.

If you’re interested in learning more about Gwyn’s High Alpine…

Contact them:

Gwyn’s High Alpine


100 Alpine Springs Lift,

Snowmass Village, CO 81615

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July 27, 2017 |

REAL ASPEN WEDDING: Alanna and Andy’s Intimate Maroon Bells Ceremony


Wedding Date: 6/30/2017
Bride and Groom: Alanna Hodsman and Andy Trautner
From the Bride:

Andy and I wanted an intimate mountain wedding in his home town. We decided on having the ceremony at Maroon Bells, followed by pictures at the top of Aspen Mountain. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better day, it was perfect.

Where did you have your ceremony? Maroon Bells

How did you decide on this location?
Andy is from Aspen and couldn’t imagine getting married in any other place. After two winter trips to Aspen and riding up to the Bells on fat tire bikes and cross country skis, I fell in love with the location. Maroon Bells takes your breath away.

Where was your reception?
Justice Snows

How would you describe your wedding day?

What is your best memory?
Views from the top of Aspen Mountain!

Aspen Vendor Team:
Photographer: Robin Proctor Photography
Florist: City Market
Hair/Makeup: Bellas and Bombshells – Cheyenne Montoya
Ceremony Location: Maroon Bells
Reception Location: Justice Snows

July 21, 2017 |

Spotlight on: Tara Marolda, Aspen Wedding Photographer


Meet Tara Marolda, a talented Aspen wedding photographer. Her story is inspiring and fascinating. She captures the emotion and personality in each shot, telling a story with her images. We are thrilled to share a little about her. Read on, get to know her and her stunning wedding photographs!

Tell us how you got into wedding photography? How long have you been doing this?

I got into photography working as a camera assistant for my mother (documentary filmmaker) and two of my favorite National Geographic photographers, Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith in Kenya shooting tribal ceremonies over a decade ago. I picked all of their brains so much and l learned as much as I could about photography on those expeditions. When I moved back to the states in my early 20’s, the most natural thing for me was to pick up the camera and continue shooting portraiture. Eventually I became confident enough to offer photography services for a couple of good friends getting married in Aspen, and from there, word of mouth did the rest of the work for me. I quickly started picking up weddings and enjoyed capturing the most intimate and special day in a couple’s lives.


What type of photos do you like taking best?
I love portraiture. Specifically, documentary style, lifestyle photography – capturing real moments, real emotion. You can be 90 or 9 months old – I enjoy it all the same. There is something magical about freezing a moment in time, a real belly laugh or a moment so wrought with emotion there are real tears… that to me, is beautiful and human and I really fight to catch those shots.

What moment during the wedding do you most enjoy photographing?
I think my favorite moment during a wedding is the “getting ready” shots, when the bride is a ball of nerves and excitement is everywhere. I love these moments in black and white. When I capture the mother or father of the bride, looking at their daughter with so much emotion and tears in their eyes, seeing exactly what they are seeing: their baby girl becoming a woman, a gorgeous bride. It’s a beautiful moment.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I love to scour instagram for other fine art photographers and their work. I am constantly searching amazing photographers and feeling  jealous and even more inspired by their work. I am always learning, always researching, always practicing the art of photography and becoming a better photographer. I am hungry for it.


Tips for the bride and groom on choosing a photographer?

Splurge and save. I got married in Aspen in 2010, and I wish I had the knowledge I do now of getting married in this beautiful mountain town.

Find what is most important to you, and spend the money on it. For example, don’t try and find a cheap photographer – that is the one and only way you are going to remember your wedding… spend the money on the best photographer you can afford. It will make ALL the difference.  Make sure you hire a qualified photographer/s… grill that photographer on whether they give print release rights, and how high the resolution of the digitals are. You don’t want to pay someone an arm and a leg, only to find out that you don’t even have the rights to your own images. This is something that is changing in modern times… more and more photographers understand how important it is to give the digitals as part of their package and it only behooves them in the long run. Brides posting their wedding photos on social media? That’s advertisement and its a win-win for both sides.

Anything else to share?

When looking for a photographer, go with someone who has a similar sense in style. If you like pictures where everyone is posed perfectly and smiling at the camera, choose a photographer who obviously has this style. If you want some thing a little more natural, a little more candid and not so conventional, find a photographer who has that eye (and that style in their portfolio).


Thank you to Tara Marolda for sharing with us! Check out Tara Marola and other Aspen wedding photographers here

July 12, 2017 |

6 Creative Spring Wedding Ideas


Springtime is about a month away, a you are likely deep into planning if you are saying “we do” this spring. Here are a few fun, creative spring wedding ideas that will make your wedding unique.

1. Tea-Something Turquoise 2. Crown- Kelsea K Photography// 3. Pastel dresses- Luna Da Mere Photography// 4. Cocktail- Two Tarts 5. Decor-




  • Tea for two
  • Tea parties are very “spring”- pastel colors, feminine tea cups, and pretty flowers. How about giving tea for your favors, you can make your own loose leaf tea combinations or flavors.


  • Put a crown on it

How ethereal does a flower crown look!? Instead of a veil, wear a flower crown that compliments your bouquet and wedding colors.

  • Pretty in pastel Perfect shades of blush, pale blue, and other pastel colors give a soft, romantic vibe to your wedding. Your bridesmaids will look gorgeous in one pastel tone, or have a few different colors in a complimentary style.
  • Seasonal Sips Add two seasonal cocktails to a “his/hers” signature cocktail menu! We love the lavender lemon drop for her and the whiskey smash for him.


  • Simple decor Springtime blossoms are out, making your venue already gorgeous with little need for dramatic decor. Use pretty flowers, and spring time details like little watering cans. How fun is this arrangement?!
  • Prepare for weather Springtime weather can really vary. You may have a warm, sunny and perfect day, or you could have wind and rain, or here in Aspen there could even be snow. Make sure you have a weather backup plan so on your wedding day you aren’t scrambling to avoid inclement weather. Offering your guest items specific to the weather is a fun idea as well. Have umbrellas on hand for a rainy day, a sunscreen/bug spray stand for “like summer” heat and blankets for an day that is unusually chilly.
  • Springtime is an absolutely beautiful time of the year to tie the knot. With gorgeous flowers and the weather beginning to warm up, it is a romantic setting. As you continue planning your Aspen spring wedding, we hope these ideas can help make your day as special as possible.


February 10, 2017 |

4 Tips for Writing Personalized Wedding Vows


Writing your own vows isn’t for everyone, but if you want to speak from the heart for your Aspen wedding vows, that is a great way to make your ceremony more personalized. It also will be very meaningful to both you and your future spouse. Sharing your promises to each other in front of those you love is definitely romantic! Not all of us have a way with words though. Where do you even start? Here are some tips for finding motivation to write your vows, and ways to make them personalized to you as a couple.

    1. Pick a structure that you can both follow.


      Even though you will likely be writing your wedding vows separately, and hearing them for the first time on your special day, it is a good idea to decide a structure to make them similar. You can specify how long you want the vows to be, and choose specific phrases to base them on. I.e. Sharing four promises with the starting phrase “I promise to.”

Choosing a length is key as well. You don’t want one of your vows to be 10 pages long and the other only three sentences. Choosing a word count can help you make them balanced and flow better.


  • Be yourself.


Write your vows for you and your partner! If you are not a romantic person don’t feel like you need to be in your vows. If you are funny, humor is ok! They should sound like you. Think of symbolic moments and important pieces of your relationship. What are things your partner would love to here you promise? What do you love about your relationship?


  • Don’t be afraid to research.


Pulling your entire vows out of thin air isn’t necessary! Research other people’s wedding vows, romantic poetry, books, movies, etc. Take notes on things that connect with you. You can “borrow” other people’s words, it isn’t plagiarism when you are using their words for wedding vows.



  • Practice reading them.



Your wedding ceremony should not be your first time reading them through. read them aloud and think about how they sound. Do they flow well? Are your words easy to understand? Does the tone fit what you are hoping for? You may not want to share them with anyone else but if you do it could help to get feedback from a close friend or family member. You don’t have to memorize them, but you definitely can. However, keep a copy nearby. Wedding day jitters could have you forgetting them. It is also a good idea to send a copy to your officiant. They can have a backup copy on hand in case you misplace yours.

We hope these tips will help you begin to write your own personalized wedding vows. Don’t stress out, have fun and take the time to think about what you want to say. Don’t be afraid to have many drafts and edit them over time. Happy Writing!

January 24, 2017 |

2017 Wedding Trends


Happy New Year! For those of you tying the knot in 2017, it is probably an exciting milestone to get to your special year! Although we are all for planning a wedding based on your taste and unique personalities as a couple and not only going off of what is “hot” in the wedding world, we thought it would be fun to highlight a few wedding trends you should expect this year.




The Dress: Many 2017 brides are saying yes to off the shoulder gowns. Both long sleeved and short sleeved looks are popular. Lace and tulle are still big, with lace becoming bolder and tulle being mixed with other fabrics. Blush gowns are also still a popular choice.

For bridesmaids dresses, bold colors and brighter shades are popping up. Pinks, purples, greens and yellows are favorites.


The Food: For cocktails, bartenders are seeing a move to serving more classic cocktails including moscow mules, Pimm’s cup, and the sidecar. Having passed appetizers with a complimentary drink is also a popular choice. Such as mini tacos with a mini margarita. The nostalgic tiered wedding cake is coming back after years of cupcakes, pies and assorted desserts being favored. Having a nighttime passed dessert “hour” similar to cocktail hour is also seen as a great way to keep the party energy flowing. Local flavors are also a main event. Serving special local area foods and drinks is fun for the guests.


The Photos: Social media integration is definitely key for many 2017 couples. Photo booths that share directly to social media, instagram videos, drone photography, and custom Snapchat filters are popular.


The Flowers:Romantic, soft blooms are still big. Peonies are still popular along with garden roses, ranunculus and dahlias. Loose petals mixed with greenery as a type of garland runner down farm type long tables is a huge trend for table decor.


The Palettes: Soft colored neutrals like charcoal, blue-greys and browns are creating a sophisticated trendy feel. Strategically places metallics are also big. Brides are still loving copper, rose gold, pewter but using them to create shine in certain special areas.


What do you think about these 2017 wedding trends? Will you be incorporating any of these things into your own special day? What details are you most excited about for your own wedding? Source:Huffington Post

January 7, 2017 |

REAL SNOWMASS WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Adam and Jennifer’s Intimate Destination Wedding


Wedding Date: 07/01/2016
Bride and Groom: Jennifer Hassett and Adam Peters

Where did you have your ceremony?
Aspen Wedding Deck

How did you decide on this location?
We were in Aspen for New Years Eve and fell in love with the view from the top of Aspen Mountain so we did some research, found the gorgeous wedding deck and inquired about dates. They had two available dates left in the summer, one of which happened to be the day we got engaged so it was an easy decision!

Where did you have your reception?
Viceroy Snowmass Village

How did you decide on Viceroy Snowmass Village for your reception?
We wanted to go a less traditional route and have a small, intimate dinner party following our wedding ceremony. We went to visit the Viceroy Snowmass and saw Eight K and knew that was what we wanted. The private area of the restaurants had the exact look and feel we wanted. It could only only accommodate 54 people so that kept us in line when it was time to make the guest list.

Where did you have book your accommodations?
Viceroy Snowmass Village, The Westin and The Stonebridge Inn

What was the mood at your wedding?
Happy, celebratory, fun and intimate!

What is your best memory?
The ceremony. It was raining that morning and I was so worried people wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beautiful view from the mountain top but luckily the clouds parted for the ceremony and gave us the most beautiful backdrop. Walking down the aisle with my Dad and seeing Adam’s face for the first time that day was the best moment of my life.

Jennifer Hassett, Do you have any advice for a bride planning a destination wedding?
Do what makes you happy. It’s impossible to pick a location that will please everyone and at the end of the day it’s about you and your partner – make it exactly what you want and enjoy every second of it! The best part about having a destination wedding is that most people stay a couple of days so you get bonus time with all of your favorite people.

Do you have any additional thoughts to share with us on having a destination wedding?

I’m from New York and Adam is from the San Francisco Bay area so choosing a location while keeping our friends and families in mind was not the easiest task. After much back and forth on which coast we should get married on, we decided to have it in the state we now call home. Once we decided on Colorado we know we wanted it to be in Aspen. Most of our friends and family had never been and it’s such a special place we knew everyone would love it.

Robin Proctor Photography Robin Proctor PhotographyRobin Proctor PhotographyRobin Proctor Photography    Robin Proctor Photography Robin Proctor Photography Robin Proctor Photography Robin Proctor Photography






Robin Proctor Photography

Aspen and Snowmass Wedding Vendors:
Ceremony Venue: Aspen Wedding Deck
Reception Venue: Viceroy Snowmass Village
Photographer: Robin Proctor Photography
Wedding Planner: Marcy Kneiper at Little Nell for Day of Coordination
Wedding Officiant:  Rev. Jill Pidcock

Florist: Carolyn’s Flowers
Hair/Makeup: Full Circle Salon/Christine Morris
Transportation: Shuttle buses provided by Viceroy.
Welcome Reception: Ricard Brasserie in Snowmass Village
After Wedding Party: Eric’s Bar, Aspen

December 19, 2016 |

REAL ASPEN WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Great Gatsby Wedding- Mickey and Teresa Dunn


Aspen Mountain Wedding and The Hotel Jerome

Wedding Date: 10/03/2015
Bride and Groom: Teresa (Ground) Dunn and Mickey Dunnrealwed3

(From the Bride)   

How would you describe your wedding? Destination Platinum wedding with three days of events, with a 20’s (Great Gatsby wedding) theme, and the best, most beautiful event ever.

Location of Wedding Ceremony:  Aspen Mountain Wedding Deck

How did you decide on your wedding ceremony location?
I wanted the most breath taking view in Aspen, and that is at the wedding deck at the top of Aspen Mountain.

Location of Wedding Reception
: The Hotel Jerome

How did you decide on your wedding reception location?
Our wedding was a Great Gatsby wedding theme, the Jerome Ballroom was the perfect setting for a 20’s theme.

What was the mood at the wedding?
It was three days full of surprises and fun events for our guests.

Best memory from the wedding day?
Walking down the aisle to my husband, overlooking the great view behind the altar, then saying our vows.

Any advice for a bride planning a destination wedding?
You have to get the right planner that can lead you in the correct path to achieve your dream wedding.  An experienced Planner like Elizabeth at EKS Events already knows how to make things happen the right way, her standards are high.  Also, the Photography and Videography for a wedding has changed significantly over the past few years and only the right people can make your memory unforgettable. There is a lot of competition but the best by far is Robin Proctor and Fidelis Films.


0403 0435 0444 0455 realwed8 realwed1 realwed2 realwed4 realwed9 realwed11 1243 1226 1214 realwed5 robin proctor photography

0937 0845


Wedding Planner: EKS Events

Ceremony Location:Wedding Deck Top of Aspen Mountain

Reception Location:The Hotel Jerome

Welcome Party/Rehearsal Dinner/Brunch:The Caribou Club and The Hotel Jerome

Photographer: Robin Proctor Photography

Videographer:  Fidelis Films

Florist and Decor: Aspen Branch

Event Lighting and Audio: Alchemy

Transportation:  CTS Transportation Specialists

October 27, 2016 |
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