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REAL ASPEN WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Meredith and William’s Colorado Ranch Wedding


Transforming a barn into a beautiful reception space is always the best way to start with a blank canvas to express the story the couple would like to tell on their wedding day. This stunning, romantic event considered all the details from the s’mores pit to the lounge area and down to the farm tables and the result is magical.

Submission by Becca Polan from Gold Leaf Events. Contact Becca at or visit for all of your wedding planning needs.

You can view the highlights of their wedding day on a video by BTX Productions here:

Meredith & William | Wedding Highlights from BTX Productions on Vimeo.

Wedding Date: 06/11/2016
Bride and Groom: Meredith Maroone and William Knowles

Where did you have your ceremony?
Chaparral Ranch

How did you decide on this location?
Meredith loves riding horses and loved the bringing her family and friends to a beautiful outdoor ranch in Colorado. Her family also had a home in Snowmass she had been coming here her whole life.

Where did you have your reception?
Chaparral Ranch

How did you decide on Chaparral Ranch for your reception?
Meredith loves riding horses and loved the bringing her family and friends to a beautiful outdoor ranch in Colorado. Her family also had a home in Snowmass she had been coming here her whole life.

Where did you have book your accommodations?
Limelight, Little Nell and Hotel Jerome

What was the mood at your wedding?
The outdoor ceremony up against the beautiful pond backdrop at Chaparral Ranch.

What is your best memory?
The fire-pits and make your own s'more station for dessert where guests were able to enjoy the beautiful Colorado sky and observe stars they had never seen before coming from big cities in Florida and California.

Meredith Maroone, Do you have any advice for a bride planning a destination wedding?
The fire-pits and make your own s’more station for dessert where guests were able to enjoy the beautiful Colorado sky and observe stars they had never seen before coming from big cities in Florida and California. Remembering why your destination is unique to who you are as a couple and why you have brought all of your guests together there. This special early summer weekend wedding in the beginning of Aspen’s summer season was a wonderful way to share in the quiet town before Food and Wine hit the next weekend.

Although the weather can be iffy- booking on off-peak times ensured guests would have affordable lodging options. Using a planner who can make the last minute calls for weather would make the bride's day stress free as we covered and uncovered outdoor furniture minutes up until the ceremony started. Luckily the weather cooperated just perfectly for this special couple.









Ceremony and Reception Venue: Chaparral Ranch
Rehearsal Dinner: Caribou Club
Sunday Brunch: BB’s Kitchen
Photographer: Laura Boggs
Wedding Planner: Gold Leaf Event Design & Production
Carolyn’s Flowers
Aspen Branch
Hair/Makeup- Salon Tullio
Lighting- Halcyon
Decor- House of Yonder
Band- Ground Control
DJ- Who Is Chris Lewis
Ceremony Music- Wendy Larson Silver City Strings
Cocktail Music- Chris Bank
Caterer- Caribou Club
Transportation- CTS
Photo Booth- Go Photo Booth
Videographer- BTX Productions

November 21, 2016 |

REAL ASPEN WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Katie and William’s Rosebud Wedding


This special Memorial Day weekend wedding in the beginning of Aspen’s summer season brought guests from St. Louis and Chicago to the beautiful Rosebud Ranch in Old Snowmass. This was mountain elegance at it’s finest using all local vendors to transform a family’s ranch into an unforgettable wedding venue.

Submission by Becca Polan from Gold Leaf Events. Contact Becca at or visit for all of your wedding planning needs.

Wedding Date: 05/28/2016
Bride and Groom: Katie Clark and William Feuerbacher

Where did you have your ceremony? Rosebud Ranch (Private home)


How did you decide on this location? This was Katie’s family’s ranch in Old Snowmass.


Where did you have your reception? Rosebud Ranch (Private home)


How did you decide on Rosebud Ranch (Private home) for your reception? This was Katie’s family’s ranch in Old Snowmass.


Where did you have book your accommodations? Most of their guests stayed at Hotel Jerome, Ritz Carlton, Limelight, Roaring Fork Club and The Gant


What was the mood at your wedding? Katie was her father’s only daughter and it meant so much to have her wedding on their property that their family had spent so much time growing up there in Old Snowmass- it was a somber occasion as her mother had passed a few years earlier so it was bittersweet to have their loved ones back at the Ranch. There was a special rose ceremony to commemorate her mother while the ceremony took place in the garden she loved- it was built with Katie’s wedding in mind many years before. There was also a charcuterie board hanging from the ceiling of the family’s barn which also sported a custom made bar with local Aspen Brewery beer on tap.


What is your best memory? The rose ceremony. There was also an astronomer who came and set up telescopes for the guests to marvel at the stars after dessert.


Katie Clark, Do you have any advice for a bride planning a destination wedding? The rose ceremony. There was also an astronomer who came and set up telescopes for the guests to marvel at the stars after dessert.Using a local planner who is on-site and in town way before you and your guests arrive. Remembering why your destination is unique to who you are as a couple and why you have brought all of your guests together there.

Do you have any additional thoughts or photos you would like to share with us?

This special Memorial Day weekend wedding in the beginning of Aspen’s summer season brought guests from St. Louis and Chicago to the beautiful Rosebud Ranch in Old Snowmass. This was mountain elegance at it’s finest using all local vendors to transform a family’s ranch into an unforgettable wedding venue.

katie-william-bride-groom-64 katie-william-bride-groom-91

Photographer: Rachel Havel
Wedding Planner: Gold Leaf Event Design & Production
Florist: Carolyn’s Flowers
Hair/Makeup: Salon Tullio
Lighting: Halcyon
Decor: Eclectic Hive Rentals: Premier Party Rentals
Ceremony music and band: Moment’s Notice
Caterer: Roaring Fork Club
Transportation: CTS
Cake: d’Ellisious
Astronomer: Bryan White Photo booth: Social Light
Ceremony Location: Rosebud Ranch (private home) Reception Location: Tent at Rosebud Ranch (private home)
Rehearsal Dinner: Chef’s Club

November 14, 2016 |

REAL ASPEN WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Great Gatsby Wedding- Mickey and Teresa Dunn


Aspen Mountain Wedding and The Hotel Jerome

Wedding Date: 10/03/2015
Bride and Groom: Teresa (Ground) Dunn and Mickey Dunnrealwed3

(From the Bride)   

How would you describe your wedding? Destination Platinum wedding with three days of events, with a 20’s (Great Gatsby wedding) theme, and the best, most beautiful event ever.

Location of Wedding Ceremony:  Aspen Mountain Wedding Deck

How did you decide on your wedding ceremony location?
I wanted the most breath taking view in Aspen, and that is at the wedding deck at the top of Aspen Mountain.

Location of Wedding Reception
: The Hotel Jerome

How did you decide on your wedding reception location?
Our wedding was a Great Gatsby wedding theme, the Jerome Ballroom was the perfect setting for a 20’s theme.

What was the mood at the wedding?
It was three days full of surprises and fun events for our guests.

Best memory from the wedding day?
Walking down the aisle to my husband, overlooking the great view behind the altar, then saying our vows.

Any advice for a bride planning a destination wedding?
You have to get the right planner that can lead you in the correct path to achieve your dream wedding.  An experienced Planner like Elizabeth at EKS Events already knows how to make things happen the right way, her standards are high.  Also, the Photography and Videography for a wedding has changed significantly over the past few years and only the right people can make your memory unforgettable. There is a lot of competition but the best by far is Robin Proctor and Fidelis Films.


0403 0435 0444 0455 realwed8 realwed1 realwed2 realwed4 realwed9 realwed11 1243 1226 1214 realwed5 robin proctor photography

0937 0845


Wedding Planner: EKS Events

Ceremony Location:Wedding Deck Top of Aspen Mountain

Reception Location:The Hotel Jerome

Welcome Party/Rehearsal Dinner/Brunch:The Caribou Club and The Hotel Jerome

Photographer: Robin Proctor Photography

Videographer:  Fidelis Films

Florist and Decor: Aspen Branch

Event Lighting and Audio: Alchemy

Transportation:  CTS Transportation Specialists

October 27, 2016 |

REAL ASPEN WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Snowmass Club – Leeson/Verrills Wedding


A Snowmass Club Wedding Story

Wedding Date: August 2015
Bride and Groom: Bethany Leeson Verrills and Edward Mackenzie Verrills


From the Bride:

Edward and I chose a location that was steps away from where we met as employees for Aspen/Snowmass in 2010.  Our home towns were so far away from one another, so we decided to have our wedding in the town where we fell in love.  We planned the wedding by ourselves, as many of our loved ones were far away.  All the signs, table numbers, picture frames, favors, welcome bags, etc. were hand-made by the bride and groom.  We wanted our wedding to be elegant yet fun.  Our theme was rustic chic.  We had a Thursday meet-n-greet at The Maroon Bells, a champagne toast on top of Aspen Mountain for my bridesmaids on Friday and a Sunday doughnut send off so that our guests could experience all that Aspen/Snowmass had to offer.

Where did you have your ceremony?  The Snowmass Club – Lower Grass Lawn

How did you decide on this location?  It was steps away from where we met (at The Commons as employees of Aspen/Snowmass) and was all inclusive, which we knew we wanted for our guests so they could enjoy the beauty of Snowmass all in one place.  Beautiful views and Deborah Gerlach (day of planner at the Snowmass Club) was wonderful to work with!

Where did you have your reception?  The Snowmass Club Patio

How did you decide on The Snowmass Club Patio for your reception?  The outdoor patio made us feel like we were outdoor, yet we weren’t. We hired a clear top tent and had access to Sage’s indoor area as well. The views were wonderful and the venue added a rustic/lodge vibe and yet was still elegant and classy.

Where did you book your accommodations?  The Snowmass Villas

What was the mood at your wedding?  Our wedding was a destination wedding for 90% of our guests, so many were visiting Aspen/Snowmass for the first time.  We wanted our reception to feel warm, romantic, elegant and fun.

What is your best memory?  Our ceremony — surrounded by Aspen trees, saying our vows. It was perfect!

Do you have any advice for a bride planning a destination wedding?  Our ceremony — surrounded by Aspen trees, saying our vows.  It was perfect!  Be familiar with the area, as we (bride and groom) were locals.  Trust and ask for help from the venue manager and look for free and affordable ways to get your guests involved in the area.  We had a sunset Meet-n-Greet at The Maroon Bells on Thursday and a champagne toast on top of Aspen Mountain on Friday.  Wonderful ways to show off our beautiful town!

verill3 verrill6 verrill7 verrill8 verrill10 verrill13 verrill14

Snowmass Wedding Vendors:

Photographer/Photobooth- Amanda Lamb Photography

Videographer-Bosha Video/Kim McIntire

Rehearsal Dinner (Casual BBQ)- Venue-The Villas at Snowmass Club Private Room and Patio. Caterer- Hickory House

Wedding Ceremony/Reception/Cocktail Venue- The Snowmass Club

Caterer/Wedding Cake- The Snowmass Club Sage Restaurant

Accomodations- The Villas at the Snowmass Club

Transportation- (Bride/Groom Exit) Ultimate Taxi

Bride’s Dress– Essence of Australia Lacy Vintage Wedding Dress in Style d1679 from I Do, I Do, Morristown NJ

Bride’s Jewelry– Martin Flyer Engagement and Wedding Band ordered through Jules Fine Jewelry.

Groom’s Clothing- Michael Kors Tux Rental Stitch Works Inc.

Florist Accent on Wildflowers

Hair & Makeup-Makeup with Mel

Officiant-Charla Belinski with Snowmass Chapel

DJ- Kickin Aspen Entertainment

Guitar Soloist-Mack Bailey

Invitations-Always Wedding Invitation from Minted.

Favors-Personalized M&M Jars made by groom, bride, and her family

RentalsBethel Party Rentals 

October 17, 2016 |

Questions to Ask Aspen Wedding Vendors Before Booking


You just got engaged, (CONGRATS!) and now you are beginning to plan your special day. One of the most important details involves your wedding vendors. As you begin to meet with and decide on your vendors, keep these questions in mind. You don’t want to be surprised on your wedding day, so make sure you are completely comfortable with your vendors policies and prices.


These are specific questions that you should ask all vendors (venue, caterer, photographer, florist etc.)

    • How long have you been in business?
    • Can I see references?
    • Can I see examples of your work?
    • What kind of insurance do you have?
    • What is your payment structure like?
    • What is your cancellation policy?
    • What are your emergency plans? (If they were to fall ill, be unavailable, weather issues etc.)
    • Do you have any other fees? Travel fees?
    • Do you subcontract with other vendors?
    • What happens if you go out of business?
    • Are you available on my date?
    • What do you include in your packages/service?
    • Have you worked with a wedding my size? Budget?
    • What is the most challenging situation you have dealt with at a wedding and how did you handle it?
    • How can I get in touch with you with questions/concerns?
    • How many weddings will be on my date or around my date?
    • Will you be the exact person at my wedding or will an assistant/coworker be there in your place?

These are important questions for you to ask! Additionally, you want to make sure you feel comfortable with and are able to effectively communicate with your vendors. Since these people will be around you on your wedding day, you don’t want someone that you don’t enjoy being around. Choose vendors that you get along with and that click with your personality.

Have you found your vendors? What was the most important question that you asked during the process?

August 11, 2016 |

5 Fun Wedding Favor Ideas


Favors are a small part of your wedding day details but they can be important. After months of planning you may just be considering the smaller details like favors. Wedding favors are a special way to thank your guests for attending your special day. They can be a part of your table decor and connect with your wedding theme. Still, wedding favors can often be extremely difficult to decide on. Here are 5 ideas for fun Aspen wedding favors.


Photo: The Wedding Chicks

1. Sweet Treats Surprise your guests with an edible treat to-go! Fun ideas include homemade flavored popcorn, s’more kits, cupcakes in a box, candy, chocolate, coffee or tea, honey or jam, and more. Hot chocolate mix with marshmallows and chocolate shavings in a mason jar is a cute idea for a winter wedding. The options are limitless. Pick something that is meaningful to the two of you. Make sure it is easy to take home, you don’t want people leaving them behind! Add little tags such as “Love is Sweet,” “Donut Leave Without a Treat” and other fun cards with a thank you!

2. Watch Love Grow Send your guests home with some seed packets, a satchel of lavender or a mini plant. These are perfect for outdoorsy weddings or for couples that love nature.

3. Kiss the Cook If you and your significant other love creating masterpieces in the kitchen, creating your own spice mix or condiment is a great gift. Give guests a spice packet blend that you mixed up yourself or share your signature salsa or BBQ sauce. Keep in mind that if guests are traveling by airplane to Aspen, they may not be able to bring anything liquid back in their bags.

Photo: BeCollective on Etsy

Photo: BeCollective on Etsy

4. Cheers to the Mr. and Mrs.

Keep the party going after the wedding by gifting mini alcohol, wine or champagne bottles. Another quirky idea is to give your guests mini hangover kits. Include a water bottle, tylenol, mints, visine, small toothbrush, chapstick, hair tie, tissues, emergen-c, etc.

5. Local Aspen


Put together a little gift bag of goodies local to Aspen. Bundles Gift Company can help you put together an amazing looking bag. You can also choose to do welcome bags for an extra special treat for your guests. Include sweet and savory snacks, a refreshing drink, water bottles, altitude kits or anything that will make their stay more enjoyable.

Hopefully these ideas helped inspire you for your own favor ideas. Have you picked your favors already? Comment below with what you are doing, we would love to know!

June 15, 2016 |

Aspen Vendor Spotlight: Gather Collective


When planning a wedding, you want to put all of the different pieces together for one cohesive design. Choosing vendors that fit in to your vision and work well together is an important part of this. GATHER is a unique service with many quality vendors that came out of this idea, where vendors work together creatively and collaboratively.

We spoke to Tara Abbaticchio, owner of Modern West Floral Co., and Katie Baum, owner of EAT catering, about what makes Gather such a unique and special Aspen wedding service.

  1. Aspen Wedding Guide (AWG): What is Gather?

  2. Gather (G): Gather was a vision born out of the desire to work creatively with the people we love the most. We (EAT, Harvest Tables, Modern West Floral Co., and West Side Lighting) all have niche businesses that happen to fall within the event/wedding umbrella, but we wanted to create a “parent” company that allows us to work together on creative events that really fit our style.

    We specialize in intimate gatherings with a purpose – be that learning, wedding celebrations, engaging with family and friends or celebrating life milestones. We work with clients beginning with their initial vision, and help to curate the most special and meaningful gathering based on the client’s style, meaning and purpose. We try not to do anything ‘just because we’re supposed to’ and love the creativity that comes along with each unique client and their reason for celebration!


    Harvest Co Table

    Photo: Harvest Table Co.

  3. AWG: What are good resources for inspiration, where do you find inspiration for design?
  4. G: As a whole, Gather Collective has many years of experience in the event curation and production business. Each one of us seeks inspiration in different ways, but with a common core – community, love, and perfect simplicity.

    EAT is inspired by local farms and foods takes great pride in the presentation and taste of each meal we create, while at the same time striving to inspire healthful and sustainable eating practices. We believe every element of your event, including the food, should be at the same time simple, joyful, creative, beautiful and delicious.

    Modern West Floral Co. seeks to highlight the beauty of the native landscape around us here in the mountain west. Our floral palette is Colorado grown as much as possible, with an emphasis on the form and architecture of the plant rather than jumbles of tropical flowers you might find in the standard floral industry.

    We find inspiration in nature and in the landscape and flora silhouettes that surround us in this beautiful place. With Harvest Tables’ beautifully handcrafted in Lyons, Colorado from reclaimed wood from Colorado barns. Gather also has supply of additional rental items – stemless wine glasses, vintage dinnerware, & silver plated silverware.

    To lighten up your space indoor and out, West Side Lighting is able to make your event space beautiful and unique. Gather has the ability and passion to work together to combine all of these elements into one beautiful package personalized to each client. It is important to us that we build relationships with our clients and our vendors so that each event is executed with passion.

    Ruffled - photo by Our Love is Loud

    Photo: Our Love is Loud

    Ruffled - photo by Our Love is Loud

    Photo: Our Love is Loud

  5. AWG: What are some of your favorite ways to personalize the wedding day?
  6. G: We are a true farm-to-table company that believes in sustainable practices when curating an event – we “shake the hand” of our farmers, we are friends with our purveyors and vendors, we connect with people, which makes our events extra special. We learn about our clients and their guests – we take time to hear their vision and implement it.

    Some of our favorites:

    1. Incorporate family heirlooms into the decor.
    2. Fabric napkins to suit your style (that you get to keep!)
    3. Wedding menus personalized around palate and favorite foods.
    4. Using seasonal and locally grown and sourced foods, flowers, and decor.
    5. Intimate gatherings for the bride or groom and their loved ones into the event schedule around creative crafts or classes that allow guests to connect in other ways than around the bar.


    Ruffled - photo by Our Love is Loud

    Photo: Our Love is Loud

    Booking the experienced professional wedding vendors of Gather for you wedding day will truly make your wedding one-of-a-kind. They work with you to create a special and meaningful event based on your own unique style and needs.

    Interested in learning more about Gather? Visit their website or contact them.

    Many thanks to Tara Abbaticchio and Katie Baum for their contributions to this blog post.

June 6, 2016 |

Red, White and I Do: 4 Patriotic Aspen Wedding Ideas


Are you getting married on the 4th of July, or do you desire an Americana style wedding? Here are some sophisticated ways to put a chic twist on the patriotic red, white, and blue.


Photo: Jeff Loves Jessica via Style Me Pretty

1. Dress festive

Bridesmaids: Have your bridesmaids wear blue, red or a combination of the two. Add in pops of red in the flowers or stick with all white. Use nautical stripe blue and white ribbon around the bouquets.

Groomsman: Wear navy suits with red ties or bowties. A fun detail is to have the guys all wear American flag socks.


2. Bold décor

Add in some pops of red, white, and blues and mix in patterns like stripes, ikat, plaid, checks, polka dots or floral.

rustic wedding chic

Photo: Rustic Wedding Chic

3. Have fun with food

Be creative with your wedding menu by serving typical American foods. Mini apps can include mini burgers/hotdogs, mini pb&j sandwiches, grilled cheese with tomato soup shooters, baked mac and cheese balls, and more. Serve lemonade and iced tea in mason jars with striped straws, have signature cocktails that fit the patriotic theme.

For dessert you could serve mini pies, a naked cake with berries, red velvet cupcakes or even cookies. Late night s’mores are a fun treat if you have a bonfire or fire pit at your venue.


Photo: Lindsay Docherty Photography via the Knot

4. Light it up!

End your celebration with a bang! Fireworks or sparklers make a fantastic ending to your 4th of July or Americana themed wedding. Or a fun favor idea is these super cute confetti poppers.


Photo: Alice & Lois


Photo: Ruth Eileen via Style Me Pretty

Bring on the flags, sparklers, and festive red, white, and blue for a perfectly patriotic 4th of July wedding! Are you having an Americana wedding? Share your favorite details and ideas below!

May 30, 2016 |

Destination Aspen: Tips for Planning Your Out-Of-Town Wedding


Aspen is a gorgeous location for a destination wedding. If you are from out of town, whether a few hours drive or a plane ride away, it can be challenging. There are a few things you can do to make the planning process easier on you.

1. Hire a local Aspen wedding planner. Having a professional wedding planner familiar with the area will be extremely valuable during the planning process. Your wedding planner can help recommend vendors and ideas. Additionally your planner may be able to attend appointments on your behalf.

2. Research, Research, Research. Use Aspen Wedding Guide to find the best vendors and venues in the Aspen area.

3. Take a wedding planning trip. Whether for a weekend or a week, a trip to your wedding destination is obviously important. Try to schedule all vendor meeting during this trip. You will likely want to see your venue in person, taste your food, try cake flavors, meet your florist and other vendors.

4. Utilize technology. If you need to have a vendor meeting and being there in person isn’t feasible, there are plenty of tools that you could utilize for communicating including Skype or FaceTime.

5. Arrange Accommodations. Plan these details far ahead of time so that you know where you will be staying for the days before and your wedding day. Booking a hotel block for your guests is also a good idea. Many hotels will give discounted rates to your group and you will keep everyone close by. Since you are from out of town, it may be a good idea to rent a house or condo near your venue. You likely will have decor and other stuff to store.

6. Welcome your guests. Since you are from out of town, likely many of your guests will be traveling to attend your wedding. Make your guests feel at home with welcome bags and set up a shuttle to take your guests from the hotel to your wedding venue.

Planning a destination wedding can be more difficult than having one close by, but if you stay organized you can make your out of town go off without a hitch!

May 20, 2016 |

Aspen Vendor Spotlight | ASC Catering


The food is one of the most important pieces of a wedding day for many couples. ASC Catering, is the premier catering service for Aspen Snowmass. ASC Catering offers many options for catering from formal to informal, intimate to large galas.


ASC Catering offers six different on-mountain venues all with spectacular views. Whether you want an intimate event or a larger gala, their venues can accommodate 60-300+ people. The rental is for five hours and includes chairs, tables, china, glass, silverware and more. From a fancy meal to casual BBQ, their topnotch chefs will provide a spectacular culinary experience to achieve your vision. Your wedding guests will rave over the food and service.

We spoke to Eva Pekkala, Director of Catering, at ASC Catering to learn what makes this catering service unique.

Majestic Mountain Setting

All of the venues that ASC Catering works at has stunning views. Cliffhouse looks down at the valley with clear views of Pyramid Peak. Elk Camp is a beautiful modern spot in a forest overlooking the hills of the valley. And for those getting married at Aspen Highlands can enjoy the very unique experience of riding a snowcat to Cloud Nine.

Eva says, “Being located on-mountain, the natural beauty of our venues lends itself to a serene and relaxing environment, allowing our guests to genuinely enjoy themselves.”

Unique, Custom Culinary Options

You likely have an idea of what you want to serve on your wedding day. ASC Catering can accommodate specific requests and offer you a menu that will amaze your guests. The options are endless!

“We are a full-service catering company with cuisines and styles of dinner that are completely customizable to all tastes. We lead the charge on sourcing sustainable, local, organic produce. We welcome customizing menus from all different cuisines from Farm to Table, Indian, Argentinean Asada-style feasts to St. Bart’s Nikki Beach themes. We can do sit-down dinners, stations, buffets, small plates reception. We also have the unique offering of the Sled, a customizable on-mountain food truck experience that can feature late night snacks like sliders, house-made ice cream, chicken & waffles – anything you can dream up!” shares Eva.


Professional Experience

Having experienced and knowledgeable caterers is an invaluable resource to utilize on your wedding day. Your caterer will handle all of the details regarding planning, cooking, presenting, and serving your food. Your caterer can take your requests (in term of budget, taste, creativity) and come up with a menu perfect for your event. Additionally, having a professional staff on hand during your reception will ensure that everyone will be served at a reasonable time and everything runs smoothly. Your Aspen wedding caterers will ensure things run smoothly and you and your guests are well fed and happy.


The Wow Factor

The typical wedding held at the Aspen Snowmass wedding venues will be a late afternoon wedding ceremony with a dinner at sunset and dancing under the starry mountain skies. Wow your guests with delicious wedding cuisine and the gorgeous mountain views found at the six different venues. With many options to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect Aspen wedding venue for your special day. Everything will tie together to create a cohesive design and a “wow” worthy event.

“I love it when clients accentuate the natural beauty of our mountain landscapes with thoughtful rustic décor like burlap linen, birch accents (candle holders, etc), wild flowers, customized blankets by the fire, customized sunglasses at the outdoor ceremony. We also offer beautiful modern architecture at several of our locations like Elk Camp and Merry-Go-Round that can be accentuated with more modern décor touches.” Eva adds.

Booking ASC Catering and the beautiful venue options at Aspen Snowmass for your special day will truly make your wedding one-of-a-kind. They offer unmatched culinary expertise, stunning views, and many options for beautiful wedding reception and ceremony spaces.

Interested in learning more about ASC Catering? Visit their website or contact them.

Many thanks to Eva Pekkala for her input for this blog post.

May 5, 2016 |
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