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Spring Showers- 6 Rainy Wedding Day Tips


Springtime weather in Aspen can be unpredictable. Lately we have had freezing weather with rain (and snow!), and sunny 60 degrees is also on the forecast. While you can’t foresee what the weather will be like on your spring wedding day, you can plan ahead in case of inclement weather. P.S., it is considered good luck if it rains on your wedding day!




  1. Purchase fun rain accessories!
  2. Find some adorable rain boots and umbrellas that match your wedding color. Not only will these protect you from the rain, wet grass or mud, but they will be really cute in photos.

  3. Make a plan and stick with it.
  4. It is your wedding day, if it is your dream to have an outdoor ceremony then do it! Tell your guests to bring umbrellas, or supply them. Have them plan on standing the whole ceremony to avoid getting wet. You can also purchase a tent or if you have a tent, coverings for the side. If this isn’t for you, then go with the inclement weather plan and move the ceremony inside. Many brides agonize over this decision only to spend lots of time thinking about it, leading to stress. Wavering between inside and outside can also be difficult for vendors that have to move things to decorate the space. Make a decision with help from your planner, venue and fiancé and stick with it!

  5. Embrace it.
  6. Although it may not be the sunny day you envisioned, embrace it. You will be getting a little wet, so be adventurous and get amazing photos! Is there anything more magical and romantic then kissing in the rain??

  7. Be flexible with the timeline.
  8. If the weather finally lets up, you may want to head out to shoot more photos. If you are flexible with the timeline, you can change things up for a few minutes.

  9. Waterproof your makeup.
  10. On a rainy wedding day, your makeup is vulnerable. Rely on the pros to keep you looking fresh all day. If you makeup artist is able to, book her for a few extra hours so that she can touch you up. Use waterproof/water resistant makeup. Many brides opt for the airbrush look. Also use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Be careful not to rub your eyes if they are wet to avoid smudges. For your hair, now is a great time to rock a gorgeous up-do. A chic chignon or bun will keep your hair from getting frizzy when it gets wet. If wearing your hair down is a must for you, opt to have a style you can take from up to down (once you are inside) or wear it half up and half down.

  11. Trust your vendors.
  12. All of your vendors can help you with coming up with a plan if it rains. Your photographer can help with finding spots for photos and your planner can help relocate everything indoors. Even if your wedding day doesn’t follow your exact plan, plan B will be just as amazing! Relax and let the professionals take care of the details.

Rainy weather on your Aspen wedding day can be amazing! From gorgeous photos to fun accessories, make the most of less-than-ideal weather. Plan ahead, and inclement weather will not dent your wedding day plans.

Photos via Sarah Rhoads Photography, Erik Clausen and Ryan Este Photography.

April 28, 2016 |

How To: Hiring Aspen Wedding Vendors


Your Aspen wedding “team,” made up of all of your vendors is a crucial part of your wedding. Together, they will make your day happen. With so many wonderful Aspen wedding vendors out there, it can be a very overwhelming process to begin to book your various vendors. Narrowing down the field will help you make decisions.

Here are some tips for what to consider when deciding whether a vendor is “the one.”

What wedding vendors do you need?

  • Wedding Planer or Day of Coordinator
  • Photographer
  • Venue
  • DJ
  • Caterer
  • Videographer
  • Officiant
  • Florist
  • Stationer (invites and paper supplies)
  • Transportation
  • Rentals (if necessary, linens, dishes, chairs, tables, tent, décor etc.)
  • Cake/dessert
  • Makeup/Hair stylist

What are the key factors to consider? 

  • Consider your budget. This may seem obvious, but you want to book vendors that you can afford. Before you begin, plan out how much you are hoping to spend on each vendor, and the realistic costs involved. Before booking, make sure you are aware what the total amount will be (including hidden fees) and when you will need to make these payments.
  • Make sure they are available on your date. This is important because obviously you don’t want to meet with a potential vendor only to find out that they are booked on your wedding day! Find out before setting up an appointment if they are available. Because many vendors book the most popular wedding dates months in advance, begin planning as soon as possible to get your vendors reserved.
  • Consider your wedding location. Is this location within the area that they work? Or is traveling an option? You will want someone that is familiar with your venue, even better if they have worked wedding there before. Having a wedding vendor from the area can also be helpful, especially if you are planning a destination wedding.
  • Does their style fit with your vision? This one doesn’t apply to every vendor, but for some of them it is important that their style reflect what you want. Photographers, florists, and venues especially. Looking at their work can give you a good idea of what their style typically is whether traditional, modern, rustic, formal etc.
  • What are people saying about them? One of the first places you went to check out wedding vendors was probably online. Visit potential vendors’ websites, social media spaces and review sites. Get a feel for how they interact with current or past brides/grooms. Do the couples seem happy with their services? Is there a lot of positive feedback? Keep in mind that every business will have someone that was unsatisfied, but if there are many really negative reviews you may want to avoid this vendor.
  • How are their communication skills? Communication is key during the wedding planning process. If you are unable to get ahold of them even before your initial consult, this could hint at frustrations to come. When meeting with vendors, ask them about how often you should expect to hear from them, realistic expectations about how long it will be for email responses, how much communication they do throughout the planning and if you will meet in person at all. All vendors are different and it depends on what type of services you are getting, but it is important to be aware of this beforehand.

What are qualities to look for in a wedding vendor?

  • Personality- You will be working closely with these people on your wedding day, you want to hire people that you enjoy being around, trust, and get along with.
  • Experienced- Trust that they have the skills to do a great job.
  • Good reputation- Do your other vendors know them? Have they worked together before? Have they worked at your venue before? Do they have past work you can see? Do they have an active online prescence with good reviews?
  • Helpful- You want a vendor that will be a great resource along the way. They should be interested in helping you have a great wedding day. If they seem to care only about how everything affects them (timing, time spent, money, etc.) you may not want to book them.
  • Good communicator– As we discussed above, communication is key.
  • Problem solver– You should trust that if something happens on the wedding day that they will do their best to come up with a solution to fix it.
  • Strong attention to detail- the details are important, you want vendors that will thing of even the littlest things to make your day special.
  • These are just a few of the important things to consider when booking your aspen wedding vendors. What is the most important thing for you when choosing your vendors?

    Photos by Robin Proctor Photography.Robin Proctor Photography

April 22, 2016 |

Why Hire A Wedding Planner?


Congrats on your engagement! You are probably caught up in the excitement (and the sparkly rock on your finger!). Although you may be eager to get going with the planning, it can be hard to know where to begin. Hiring a wedding planner (or day of coordinator) in the beginning planning stages can help you stay organized and stress-free.

We spoke to Aspen wedding planner Jane Floyd, of Always Aspen with Jane Floyd, for tips on hiring a wedding planner and why you should hire one for your aspen wedding day.


Why should you hire a wedding planner?

  1. Experience

    Jane says, “Your planner should be a professional with extensive knowledge and significant experience.”

    While you have likely never planned a wedding before, wedding planners and day of coordinators have experience planning many weddings. They know a lot of details that may slip through the cracks if you were planning on your own. They can help to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and all details are executed.

  2. Vendor relationships.

    “Rely on your planner to find the perfect vendors, musicians, menus, and just about everything,” explains Jane.

    Choosing the perfect Aspen wedding vendors to execute everything from food to flowers is crucial. You want to find people that fit with your budget and style. Also, it is important that you work well together. Your wedding planner can share vendors they recommend and have worked with in the past. They can also help you find vendors for specific needs. Having connections can be beneficial to you because you may get discounts and vendors enjoy working with wedding planners that they trust.

    Additionally, a wedding planner can help you create a budget and help you find vendors and recommend items that fit into your budget.

  3. Handling logistics.

    Jane says, “You want to enjoy this special day! Hire a wedding coordinator to handle all logistics with vendors and the wedding party to ensure everything runs smoothly.”

    Your Aspen wedding planner can help you draft a timeline for the day of your wedding, so that everything will run smoothly. Your wedding coordinator can help you with realistic times for all pieces you want to include for you wedding day. They can also help with contacting vendors prior to the wedding day to make sure nothing is forgotten and that your vendors are aware of the time they need to be there and what they are responsible for.

    If anything goes wrong during your wedding, your coordinator will step up to create a solution. It is inevitable that something will stray from the plan, but with a professional and experienced team of vendors including your wedding planner, they should be able to fix the problem. Most likely with you not even knowing about it! You don’t want to have to worry about anything on your day, and having a coordinator or planner will allow you (and your guests) to relax and celebrate.

  4. Achieving your vision.

    “It’s all in the details.” Jane Floyd

    Whatever your vision is for your wedding day, your wedding planner can help you achieve the style that you desire. If you have no idea where to begin and are overwhelmed by the details, your wedding planner can help you figure out the look you want.

    The attention to detail is what will make your wedding really special. Every wedding has a dress, flowers, venue, food, music, etc. Wedding planners will help you make your wedding memorable by listening to your dreams and making them a reality.


    I can’t hire a wedding planner because….”

    1. I can’t afford one.

      Jane answers, “This is money well spent for even a minimum amount of service.” Hiring an Aspen based planner will ultimately save you money because of the special pricing that I can provide through numerous business contacts.”

      Many people choose to forgo hiring a wedding planner because of budget constraints. However, your planner truly organizes the whole day. A planner can save you time and money. They can help you create a budget, and then recommend amazing Aspen wedding pros that fit with your budget.

    2. My friends and family are helping.

      Jane asks, “Are your friends and family going to attend the wedding? If so, why not treat them as special guests and allow them to enjoy the celebration rather then “working.”

      One of the main goals of a wedding planner is to allow you to relax and enjoy your day without worrying about the details. If your parents, family members or friends have to set up décor, check on vendors and keep you on your timeline they will be stressed and not able to enjoy your wedding!

    3. My venue already has a coordinator.

      “This is great. On site venue coordinators will oversee the “workings” of the venue.”(Jane)

      Venue coordinators are great resources. However, their responsibilities surround the venue. Showcasing the venue, food and beverages, catering needs (if a part of venue), setting up tables and chair, payment and final invoices. A wedding planner or day of coordinator will work on all aspects of the wedding.

      Hiring a wedding planner or coordinator is so important!
      We would like to sincerely thank Jane Floyd for her contribution to this post.

      Always Aspen with Jane Floyd has designed, planned and coordinated hundreds of weddings, social events, and corporate retreats, not only in Colorado, but worldwide.

      To contact here visit her website here, or email

April 12, 2016 |

How To: Wedding Seating Assignments


You’ve been planning your Aspen wedding for months, your RSVPs are back and now is the time to tackle the dreaded wedding seating chart. There are many options for setting up the tables, whether you want long tables or rounds. Here are some tips for getting through the wedding seating assignment process easily.


1. Decide whether you want to assign tables or both tables and seats. We highly recommend assigning tables. Although some weddings are informal, when meal time comes the chaos of finding a seat when you have no assigned spots can be hectic. Additionally, you may have people moving chairs to join tables so some tables will have 12 and others only 8. Guests will appreciate having an assigned table. However, assigning specific seats is optional. Assigning wedding seats can be helpful when having a plated meal so the caterers can easily see who ordered what meal. If you decide to assign seats you will need both escort carts at the reception entrance (or a seating chart) and place cards at the table.

Photo: Robin Proctor

2. Head Table or Sweetheart Table? Another thing to think about is whether you want to sit at the center of a long table with your wedding party (and maybe their significant others), or if you want to have your own table with just the two of you.

3. How many guests you will have at each table? First of all, determine what type of tables you will have and how many you need. Let’s say you have 100 guests, you could decide to have 10 tables of 10. Another option is to have a mix of tables of 8 and tables of 10. If your venue has tables already, they likely are the 72 inch rounds. These can fit 10 people. If you have 60 inch rounds it would be more like 8. Farm tables (10′) can seat 10-14 people. If you have Chiavari chairs you can fit more because the chairs are very narrow, however you want to consider the table will be full with decor, plates and cups, and more so it can get cramped with more people.

View More:

Photo: Robin Proctor

4. Create a layout of your floor plan. A great way to see how everything will fit in the room is to create a rough sketch of the room and where everything will go.

Once you have the tables laid out and labeled, it will be easy to see where to put everyone.

5. Assign Tables. You will need your entire guest list (need tips for creating the guest list? Go here.) and either a pencil, sticky notes or an online program that will allow you to easily change things if needed. Start with your families. The parents should be close to the head table. You can either choose to seat the parents and grandparents from both sides together, or have a table for each side (with their relatives or friends). You can get feedback from the parents if you need help deciding. If your parents are divorced you will want each parent (and spouse) to host their own table. For the head table, you can choose to include only the best man, maid of honor and their spouses and seat the rest of the wedding party at a separate table. Or you can have everyone at the table. Begin grouping people together by how you know them. For example, church friends, work friends, relatives on brides side, relatives on grooms side, college friends… etc. Avoid seating people together that have a bad history, you don’t want drama at your wedding. Always seat married couples together at the same table. Children should sit with their parents, or you could designate a kids table. For friends, if your group is large you may need to split into two or more tables. If you are inviting work friends you can have a table for “work.” For single friends, you can choose a table of all singles, or mix half single friends with married couples. Never put only one or two singles at a table with couples. Try to avoid a table with all strangers as well. Lastly, seat younger guests closer to the music and older guests farther away. Keep in mind, you can’t make everyone happy. Just do your best to put the tables together.



6. Assign Seats. If you wanted to assign particular seats at the table, then you can do that now. Keep in mind you will need to make place cards and have someone (wedding planner or coordinator, caterer) put them out at the correct spot.

7. Create the Seating Chart. You have a few options for letting your guests know their tables.

  • Escort Cards- Have a card for everyone with their name and table number. You could also attach these to a favor as well. One fun idea is have glasses of champagne lined up with each persons escort card attached. They can grab the champagne and be ready for the toasts. Arrange the cards alphabetically by last name, not by table.


  • Seating Chart- This is the easiest way. Make sure to list people alphabetically and not sorted by tables. This makes it easier for people to find their names quickly. Another great idea is to have a small map showing the table layouts. It can be difficult, especially when tables have names in addition to numbers.


We hope this guide to creating your table assignments and seating chart was helpful. Although this part of wedding planning can be stressful, don’t worry about it too much. If you still have questions about the seating, feel free to comment below.

April 1, 2016 |

Aspen Venue Spotlight | Aspen Meadows Resort


Aspen Meadows Resort, a Bauhaus-inspired boutique hotel, has been voted a top events locale and we can definitely see why. If you are still trying to find your perfect Aspen wedding venue, we suggest taking a closer look at this stunning choice.


With sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains, Aspen Meadows offers a quintessential Aspen experience. The mountains are the perfect back drop for saying “we do.” Located on the Roaring Fork River with views of the Rockies, this spot is truly perfect for your wedding.



We spoke with Jason MacEachen from Aspen Meadows to learn more about the special things about this amazing aspen wedding venue.

What makes Aspen Meadows a memorable wedding venue?

Aspen Meadows offers personalized planning services. The goal is for their brides and grooms to have a day that is worry-free. Aspen Meadows offers a seamless transition throughout your day, with their wedding packages covering all day, and the option of different spaces for each of part of your wedding. The various spaces can accommodate up to 350 guests, so it is a great location for all wedding sizes from intimate to grand.

 The typical couple will start off their celebration with an afternoon ceremony in Anderson Park, cocktail hour in the Barksdale Lobby and then dinner and dancing in the McNulty Ballroom. The perfect celebration of life ties in Aspen’s natural beauty with grand contemporary style.

The Ceremony

During the warmer spring and summer months, you can head outdoors for your ceremony. One option is Anderson Park, an open meadow with magnificent views of Aspen Mountain and is surrounded by beautiful aspen trees. Another place for a ceremony is the stone paver Merrill patio, which also boasts stunning mountain views.

Merrill Patio



The Reception

If you desire an indoor venue, the McNulty Ballroom is a beautiful location with large floor-to-ceiling windows showcases the outdoor mountain views, bringing outside, in. With a sophisticated contemporary style, the room is a blank canvas offering you room to transform the room any way you wish.

The Resort
Aspen Meadows is a luxury hotel with over 40 acres located in the historic West End of Aspen. It will be convenient for you, your wedding party and your guests to stay for the entire weekend and enjoy easy travel to the wedding festivities and the many amenities this hotel has to offer. The 98 spacious guest suites have contemporary décor and provide comfort with beautiful views.

Aspen Meadows is truly a one-of-a-kind wedding venue offering luxury and comfort to ensure you and your significant other have a flawless wedding day. With exceptional service, extensive offerings, many options and beautiful spaces for all of your wedding day events, Aspen Meadows will provide a memorable wedding.

Interested in learning more about Aspen Meadows Resort? Visit their website or contact them.

March 28, 2016 |

Creating a Timeline for Your Aspen Wedding- Part I


After many months of planning you are coming up on your special day! To make sure that your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible, we recommend creating a day-of timeline as a guide. Work with your aspen wedding planner or other vendors to create a schedule including every moment of your day.

Answer these important questions as you begin to build your day-of timeline.

  • Are you doing a first look/pictures before the ceremony?

  • How many hours will your photography package cover?

  • How many hours do you have at the venue? Is your reception and ceremony at one venue?

  • If not, how long do you have in between?

  • What is your ceremony start time? How long is your ceremony?

  • What time do you need to be out of your venue?

  • When is last call? How long should you designate for clean up?

  • How long do you have your vendors for? (Day of coordinator, DJ, Photographer, etc.)

  • Are you getting your hair and makeup done? How many people (bridesmaids, mothers, etc.)

  • How many toasts do you have?

  • Are you doing the traditional dances (first dance, father/bride, mother/groom etc.)

  • Are you doing any other traditions (garter toss or bouquet toss)?

Consult With Vendors

It is important to get their feedback on the timeline as they have experience and can tell you how much time is needed for key events. Allowing extra time will allow you to relax and not be rushing from one thing to the next. Hiring a wedding planner or day of coordinator can ensure that everything will run smoothly on your wedding day. They can also help you create the timeline as they have worked many weddings before.


Getting Ready

One place that typically runs a little long is hair and makeup. The most important thing to consider is the time that you are leaving by. Everything in the morning revolves around this time. Generally you want to allow for about 30 mins per service and per person. For the Bride schedule about 45-1 hour per service as you will want to take extra time. Make sure to check with your hairdresser and/or makeup artist to see what they recommend in terms of time.


Chelsea and Kate from Gold Leaf Event Design and Production recommend “assigning each bridesmaid and family member getting hair and/or makeup done a set time and working with the stylists to make sure there is ample time for everyone.”

They also “encourage not leaving the bride until the end because you may feel rushed to get your hair and makeup done. The bride should go in the middle so you still look very fresh but have plenty of time.”

Your photographer will typically arrive one hour before the bride is ready to go. Generally they will arrive during hair and makeup if you want some getting ready shots. They will also get detail shots of your dress, shoes, jewelry.


The Ceremony

If you are doing a First Look and pre-ceremony photos allow approximately 2-3 minutes for each shot you want. The First Look photos typically take a half hour. When it comes to photos, factoring in additional time is never a bad thing. Some pictures may take longer or need adjustments. Guests will typically arrive 30-45 minutes before the ceremony. The bride should hide away about 45 minutes before if she doesn’t want to be seen before the ceremony. This is a good time to relax, fix makeup and have a champagne toast with your bridesmaids! 

A half hour long ceremony is pretty typical. It is just long enough to be able to personalize things but not too long for people to sit through. After the ceremony the bride and groom will sign the marriage certificate. Additional photos can be taken between the ceremony and reception. The cocktail hour should run no longer then an hour. If you didn’t have a first look, the bride and groom should allow 30 minutes after the ceremony for photos.


The Reception

Consider the key events to put together your reception timeline.


  • First Dance: The bride and groom can choose do the first dance immediately after entering the reception. However, you can also do the first dance following dinner to open up the dance floor.
  • Other dances: Father/daughter, mother/son and any type of anniversary dance are done after the first dance.
  • Greeting: A welcome is given by the father of bride or father of groom. This can be followed by a prayer (if religious) before the meal as well.
  • Toasts: Toasts are usually done during the meal. The maid of honor and best man will give their toast and then the bride/groom can follow if desired. Make sure to let those doing toasts know about how long they should be. Do not open up the floor for toasts, you may be there all night.
  • Cake cutting: This is usually done following the toast or after the meal before dancing.
  • Bouquet/garter toss: If you choose to do these traditions they are usually done about 2 hours before the end of the reception, after the cake cutting.
  • Sunset photos: The bride and groom may want sunset photos. Give about 15 minutes for these photos. Make sure to check ahead to see the approximate time for the sunset.
  • Grand exit: If you are doing an exit with sparklers (or something else) have the guests line up about 10 minutes before you want to leave.

This guide will help you begin to put together the pieces to form a successful wedding day timeline. Always work with your vendors for help when putting together the timeline. They will know a realistic amount of time for each event and advice you on the order of events. We will be sharing a sample timeline you can use as a start soon, so check back.

We would like to extend a “thank you” to Chelsea and Kate from Gold Leaf Event Design and Production for their contribution to this post.

Photos pictured are from Robin Proctor Photography.

March 8, 2016 |

Aspen Wedding Ceremony Sites


If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, choosing a venue for your Aspen wedding ceremony is a crucial part. There are many stunning locations around Aspen. Whether you want an outdoor mountain view ceremony or an indoor religious ceremony there are many options for you. Another important detail to consider is if you want your ceremony location to be in the same venue or a different one than your reception. Hiring an Aspen wedding planner can be extremely helpful when planning all of these details. Below we share a few of our favorite ceremony locations in Aspen. For even more, visit our post here.

Aspen Golf Club

The beautiful background of the stunning greens, water and rolling hills makes for a special Aspen wedding ceremony. This PGA award-winning course offers a challenging course in the heart of the Rockies and just minutes from downtown Aspen. Golf lovers will especially enjoy it! The groomsmen or bridal party can enjoy golfing together before the wedding!





Aspen Historical Society

The Aspen Historical Society offers three different unique sites to host your Aspen wedding ceremony:

  • The Wheeler/Stallard museum- This Victorian Mansion delivers an eclectic blend of Victorian charm and Aspen hospitality. The perfect blend of elegant and casual, this one of a kind Aspen wedding venue is one of the most magnificent buildings in Aspen history. Built in 1888, The queen Anne style- Victorian along with the grounds (and entire city block) will provide a unique ambiance for your event.
  • Ashcroft Ghost Town- Located in the beautiful Castle Creek Valley this historic ghost town provides an extremely unique setting for your Aspen wedding.
  • Holden/Marolt– The Holden/Marolt museum and grounds are a crown jewel among Aspen venues. Located on the edge of Aspen, the grounds offer a rustic, casual setting for your wedding. With beautiful views of the mountains and the rustic barn in the back, your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come.




Aspen Meadows

Aspen Meadows offers a variety of beautiful function spaces with floor to ceiling windows and elegant but simple décor. The different spaces, from the lush green lawn of Anderson Park, to the stunning McNulty Ballroom, will fit any wedding size or wedding style. Additionally, the resort amentities and accommodations are convenient for your wedding guests and wedding party.




Aspen Parks and Recreation

There are many beautiful parks in the City of Aspen that would make for a stunning ceremony spot.

  • John Denver Sanctuary– This gorgeous landmark is dedicated to the late John Denver. The park is located on a peaceful pond with remarkable views of the Aspen Mountain. This spot, located in the heart of town along the Rio Grande Trail is a definitely must-see when traveling to Aspen. Hosting your wedding here would make it even more special.
  • Stein Park– This simple park is nestled nest to the Roaring Fork River along the Ro Grande Trail. The beautiful surrounding foliage and quiet nature is part of what makes it a great spot for a wedding ceremony.
  • Triangle Park is a small neighborhood gathering spot, but the lush lawn and surrounding trees make it a great spot for saying “We do.”

    John Denver Park | Photo by Robin Proctor Photography











Aspen Wedding Deck(Little Nell)

This wedding deck is unlike anything else. Located at an elevation of 11,212 feet with breathtaking views of the Elk Mountain Range it is truly a romantic spot for saying your vows. Ride the Silver Queen Gondola up and enjoy champagne at the top. Following the ceremony, you can conveniently move to either the Sundeck or Aspen Mountain Club and continue the party.




St. Regis Hotel

This legendary resort is located at the base of Aspen Mountain and nearby the gondola plaza. With the outdoor Fountain Courtyard and the indoor Ballroom, you can choose from the captivating mountain views or the romantic champagne and chandelier filled formal space. St-Regis-aspen-colorado-wedding



The Roaring Fork Club

The Roaring Fork Club is a private club located in the charming town of Basalt (20 mins from Aspen). With hundreds of pristine acres, majestic mountain views, and an elegant lodge and many amentities for your guest this venue is perfect for your entire wedding weekend. Your ceremony will be the full Rocky Mountain experience with an upscale flair. Roaring-Fork-Club-Basalt-Colorado-Wedding



The Hotel Jerome

Hotel Jerome is a luxurious location rich in history and charm making for an unforgettable wedding. With indoor and outdoor locations, stunning views of the Aspen Mountain and a classic contemporary feel, your event will be the epitome of sophistication. The-Hotel-Jerome-Aspen-Colorado



Lynn Britt Cabin

The Lynn Britt Cabin combines rustic and elegance with the beauty of the mountains. This cozy rustic log cabin is located at the top of Burlingame Lift. The location boasts incredible views and is uniquely secluded. Lynn-Britt-Cabin



Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells are the most photographed mountain spot in North America. For an outdoor wedding, Maroon Bells is a dreamy choice. A lovely platform overlooks a meadow with the Maroon Lake and majestic Maroon Bells in the background. Maroon-Bells-aspen-colorado-2



Pine Creek Cookhouse

Nestled into the Ashcroft Valley, the wedding meadow is sheltered by trees on one side and tranquil wetlands on the other. Towering 14,000 foot peaks serve as the backdrop for your ceremony. Your guests will enjoy the stunning Elk Mountain views seen during cocktail hour. A quick walk after the ceremony will bring you to the Pine Creek Cookhouse where you can enjoy your wedding reception. pine-creek-cookhouse-robin-proctor



Snowmass Club

With high, snowcapped peaks, perfectly manicured lawns and wildflowers, the Snowmass Club setting is a special one. With breathtaking vistas of Mt. Daly and the expansive Elk Mountain Range, the Snowmass Club is the perfect setting for a wedding of any size. Snowmass-Club-colorado



Viceroy Hotel

The regal and rugged property at Viceroy Snowmass is the ideal venue for a stylish Aspen wedding ceremony. Any time of year is a great time for a wedding. The Viceroy has a beautiful wedding lawn with gorgeous views. Viceroy-Hotel2



T-Lazy-7 Ranch

Located near the world-famous Maroon Bells, T-Lazy-7 Ranch is a scenic spot. The exquisite meadow is a perfect location for your wedding ceremony. The rolling pasture coupled with lush Aspen trees and the magnificent 14,000 foot Pyramid Peak in the backdrop will make for amazing photographs to capture your day. T-Lazy-7 Lodge is an exquisite place for a reception as well with vaulted ceilings, wrap around balcony and garden patio. Enjoy dancing, dining and late night s’mores in the crisp mountain air.



Theater Aspen

This unique venue is located adjacent to the John Denver Sanctuary. The contemporary style features a stunning pavilion with ponds, greenery and mountain views. The natural beauty mixed modern elegance is the perfect blend. 3kwq0ejm9a



The Gant

With dramatic mountain views and a spacious rooftop deck, the Gant is a gorgeous alpine location for your Aspen wedding ceremony. A destination hotel located on the base of Aspen Mountain, there are many ceremony locations for couples to choose from at The Gant. Ute-Terrace-1



The Inn at Aspen

The only ski-in/ski-out hotel at the base of the Buttermilk Mountain, The Inn at Aspen offers a tranquil, high-meadow setting just minutes from downtown Aspen. With 5,000 square feet of event and reception space, The Inn at Aspen can accommodate groups from 10 guests to 200.




Interested in learning more about one of these gorgeous ceremony sites? Go here for more details and contact information. Thank you to Robin Proctor Photography, The Venue Report, and Luminance Photography for the photos used in this post.

February 26, 2016 |

Lucky in Love: Emerald Wedding Details That Dazzle


St. Patrick’s Day is a few weeks away, and although you may not be having a wedding filled with shamrocks and leprechauns, these gorgeous details will have you feelin’ lucky!  Grab a Guinness and soak in this stunning emerald wedding inspiration for your own special day.

All That Glitters




  1. Gold and emerald are the perfect pair! Make glittered champagne glass for all of your bridesmaids. Or rim the top of the glasses in gold edible glitter! If you are really ambitious you can do it for all guests for a special touch. (Photo: Happy Wedd)

  2. Amazing bridesmaids looks. Each girl chose her dress in a shade of dark green. The maid of honor stands out in a glittering gold ballgown. (Photo: Chic Vintage Brides)

  3. These stunning green glitter bridesmaids dresses are unique and beautiful for an emerald wedding. View the full wedding here. (Photo: Green Wedding Shoes)

  4. Make the cake table stand out with a sparkling tablecloth! (Photo: Megan Clouse Photography)

  5. This table is pure perfection! Glittery gold chevron runner, gold beaded chargers, romantic flowers and gorgeous pops of emerald. (Photo: Happy Wedd)

Green With Envy



  1. This engagement ring is drool-worthy! Emeralds make amazing stones for engagement rings. (Did you know that this shade of green symbolizes beauty and eternal love?) (Photo: Style Me Pretty)

  2. You will certainly turn heads walking down the aisle with these stunning Badgley Mischka pumps. (Photo: Amber Gress via Ruffled)
  3. This sweetheart table is fantastic (that door)! Vintage meets rustic with these golden hues, romantic candelight and DIY details. (Photo: Readyluck via Style Me Pretty)
  4. Lush greenery plus metallic details make for one beautiful modern wedding. See all of the details here. (Photo: Hey Wedding Lady)

Tie The Knot


  1. Did you know, handfasting is a wedding tradition in Ireland. You hold hands, right to right and left to left so that your wrists cross. Ribbons are wound around creating an infinity symbol. This where the expression “tying the knot” came from. What a unique and meaningful thing to add to your ceremony. (Photo: Fly Away Bride)

  2. Instead of an archway, your venue fireplace makes the perfect ceremony focal point. Lots of candles flickering and lush greenery will give you an ethereal look as you say “we do.” (Photo: Katie Stoops Photography via Style Me Pretty)

  3. An Irish Mule makes the perfect signature cocktail. Copper plays well against the Emerald green. Instead of the typical vodka used in a Moscow Mule, swap Jameson. (Recipe from Hatchery)

  4. Wow! Who needs traditional wedding cake when you can serve your guests double chocolate brownie Irish car bomb cheesecake desserts! (Recipe from Half Baked Harvest).

February 19, 2016 |

14 Romantic Wedding Ideas You’ll Love!!


Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love is just around the corner and even if you aren’t getting married on February 14th, you likely want a wedding day full of romance! Whether you want classic romance, sweet and cozy, or modern details there are fun, LOVE inspired ideas for every style of Aspen bride. Every wedding day is a romantic experience, but additional details can make it unforgettable. Here are a few of our favorites:


  1. Make a statement with flowers! Have your florist create an arrangement in the shape of a heart.
  2. Light up your reception room with a glow. In addition to lots of candles, create a romantic ambiance using colored lighting. Pink, magenta, fuchsia or amber colors are best.
  3. Use candlelight. Turn off the overhead lights and use candles to illuminate the room.
  4. Create an aisle pathway with pink ombre roses to your ceremony site.
  5. Use heart shaped balloons for a fun and playful touch. These are great for photo props too!
  6. Put together a heart-themed sweets table. Put up signs with sweet nothings and serve heart shaped or decorated desserts.
(From bottom left)  1. Gabriel Ryan Photography 2. Michele Beckwith Photography 3. Cynthia Brown Studio 4. Bird of a Feather, Jacob Mariano 5. Douglas Friedman 6. Brandon Kidd

(From top left)
1. Gabriel Ryan Photography
2. Michele Beckwith Photography
3. Cynthia Brown Studio
4. Bird of a Feather, Jacob Mariano
5. Douglas Friedman
6. Brandon Kidd





















  1. Serve heart shaped ice cream or have heart shaped ice cubes with your signature cocktail. (We love “Kiss on the Lips, a pink sugar rimmed Cosmo or the Chocolate Cherry Cha-Cha with a cherry garnish!)
  2. Place small bowls of conversation hearts or red cinnamon hearts on the bar and cocktail tables.
  3. Go big on the desserts! Valentine’s Day is known for chocolate so serve up decadent treats like chocolate lava cake, red velvet cake, chocolate mousse, and more.
  4. Send guests home with a sweet treat- chocolate truffles with a mini bottle of champagne. Attach a personalized “valentine” letting them know how special they are to you.


  1. Play a slow, popular love song from the last five decades. Everyone from young friends to parents and grandparents will enjoy it.
  2. Have a sweetheart table for just you two at the reception. Decorate it with lush flowers, lots of candles and chair signs.
  3. Send a love note to your significant other the morning of the big day.
  4. Sneak off together for a few minutes during the night for a kiss and a toast to your future life together with strawberries and champagne!
February 5, 2016 |

Modern Luxury – Modern Aspen Weddings


Have you seen the latest Modern Luxury Magazine – Aspen, Winter edition?

Inside you will see 4 highlighted weddings, dream venues with mountain splendor and tips and ideas for planning an Aspen wedding, including Pre-wedding pampering  for the groom!

Featured weddings include this one coordinated by Jane Floyd and Associates  and photographed by Otto Schultz at the top of Aspen Mountain, plus 3 more weddings featuring local wedding vendors.


See the Featured Weddings

 jane floyd and associates


Check out the food & drink guide!  We’ve never seen a more complete and helpful guide.  SEE HERE

food and drink guide

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