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Elegant Winter Wedding in Aspen Colorado


Congratulations to Lauren and Florent de Goriaïnoff

January 9, 2014


How did you decide on Aspen Colorado for your destination wedding?
For our Franco-American wedding, Florent and I worked together to create a week of parties in order to introduce our French contingent to the American one. Florent and I are “Winter” people and always knew we wanted a winter wedding. He grew up skiing in the Alpes twice a year and I also enjoy skiing. Being based in Paris, we thought about having the wedding in Méribel or Mergève in the French Alpes. After further discussion, we decided that my family was bigger and it would be easier for his family to make a trip to the States than mine to France. My father suggested Aspen during a conversation. Aspen seemed to us like the best choice as the village is accessible by foot so our guests would not need to rent cars and the fact that there are great restaurants, shops, and many things to do for the non-skiers helped. I had only been to Aspen once during the summer, so while I was back in the States for Christmas, my mother and I made a trip out there to see some venues and get a better feel for the town and atmosphere.

As soon as we entered town, I fell in love with the city. It is an old mining town and has managed to keep it’s charm and authenticity while at the same time integrating this very cosmopolitain aspect into the mix. We are huge foodies and really wanted the best food and wine for our reception, so we researched and made appointments with 3 places to visit while we were in Aspen. My criteria were the following:
1.) Had to have great wine and food.
2.) Had to allow us to go as late as possible for the reception, which is 2:00 am in Colorado. French weddings usually go until sunrise the next day, so this was a very important aspect…ending at midnight was not an option for us.
3.) Needed to be able to host the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception in the same venue as we did not want guests to be bothered to move nor upset the “flow” of the evening.
4.) Needed to be able to host the reception and dancing in the same room the whole night as I find the best parties are always the ones where everything is centered in one room and around the dance floor instead of dancing in one room and having the bar/tables to sit in another.



 Read Lauren’s helpful tips for brides below…

 How did you choose your wedding ceremony and reception venue?

Out of the 3 venues we visited, the newly renovated Hotel Jerome just completely blew our minds! The deco was this eclectic mix of old and new that made you feel like you were in someone’s extremely stylish home for drinks instead of a hotel. I loved the double fireplace, the paintings, artifacts, the Chesterfield couches in the lobby…it just made us want to stay all day, read a magazine and sip tea! Christine Follin, their catering sales manager, met us and gave us the tour and talked us through everything including a tour of the ballroom, where the ceremony and reception could be held. I had a great feeling about The Jerome, but was not yet convinced. After visiting the other venues, we went back that evening to have a drink and discuss what we had seen. I decided to go take one last look at the ballroom while we were there. As I was walking down the breezeway, I felt like I was seeing everything differently this time, but could not understand why I felt like it was the first time I was seeing this venue. Maggie, who works at the Jerome, turned on the lights in the ballroom, opened the curtains, and it was pure magic!! Then I figured it out…I was seeing it all at night!! All the lighting, sconces, lit trees outside the windows, how the ballroom suddenly became this creamy, celestial, space! It suddenly felt romantic and intimate. I could envision us surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of candles and creamy flowers…it was that “awe” moment some brides experience, and I just knew. I walked back to my mother and told her to go have a look. She came back almost in tears after seeing everything at night like I did. From then on, my vision started taking shape. During our week in Aspen, we had a Colorado Micro Brew party, an Après Ski Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding, Brunch, and Farewell Dinner.


We chose not to have a wedding party because we just wanted it to be the two of us at the altar. We did have our brothers as ushers for the ceremony and my nieces and nephews as flowers girls and ring bearers. I decided I did not want the girls to carry flowers, but lanterns instead. Since our colors were cream/black/and touches of red, they carried red lanterns, wore black satin dresses, cream fur capes, and red scarves. A family friend came over and helped put Christmas greenery and berries around the base of the handles on the lanterns in order to soften up the metal look. The brothers wore winter plaid ties in the same colors and the little boys winter plaid bow ties.

I was a bit picky when it came to the deco. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, but more importantly, how I wanted it to FEEL! I am a huge fan of candles for creating ambiance, intimacy, and romance. After having seen the ballroom at night, I wanted a candlelit ceremony and tons of candles on the tables at the cocktail hour and dinner. The only flowers present at our ceremony were the mothers’ posies, the petal covered aisle, and my red rose bouquet. I really wanted to respect the candles-only theme and, furthermore, did not want guests to get a hint of what type of flowers we would have for the reception. I guess you could say I wanted them to be surprised! One thing we did that was fun, was we had servers with trays of champagne and Perrier at the entrance to the ceremony so people could grab a glass (or 2!) and already start celebrating! We wanted to set the tone early in the evening and express to our guests that this was a party! Our order of ceremony cards read: “Music Starts, We Get Married, Everyone Parties”. This was the only idea I took off of the site Pinterest.


For the cocktail hour, we went with red roses and candles to match my bouquet and give a bit of color. We did not want to have any flowers that resembled the centerpieces for the reception, and red roses are so pretty in winter against a snowy back drop. One thing we added that was European and French was the use of a crier to call people to dinner. Our friend, Mathieu, who is perfectly bilingual played this role for us. He stood with a list and announced each persons name at for a table, then these people were escorted by servers to their tables. We thought it was a nice touch to have everyone’s name called and personally escorted to their tables…this also eliminated place cards!

As for the reception flowers, I really only found one centerpiece that I liked after months of researching. I only like centerpieces with one type of flower in them and I needed to have extremely tall, substantial vases in order to create height as the ballroom has tall ceilings. I also knew the vase had to be wide in the middle in order to be filled with water that would reflect the candlelight. I chose cream tulips because the ensemble of about one hundred tulips and their long leaves made for an ample and towering centerpiece that respected the black/cream/gold and touches of red color scheme, but added some nice green into the mix to make them stand out. Around the bottoms of the vases and in the center of the long head table, masses of candles were put.

We decided to create a memory table in order to have those who could not be with us, closer to us for our special day. Many people were moved to tears looking at the photos, including us.

We also found a skiing couple cake topper and thought that that added a bit of our fun-loving personalities to the night. Our favorite cake is red velvet cake, so we chose it for our cake. It also added that touch of red that was seen throughout the evening.

My brother is a graphic designer and designed the menu and order of ceremony cards for our wedding. We ordered the paper for these a few weeks before the wedding and because of huge snow storms in the midwest, it did not arrive until the night before we were to leave for Aspen! We got a bottle of wine and started printing at about 9:00 pm at night. All we could do was laugh and keep the wine flowing! They turned out beautifully and we had made a great memory. My brother also made a video of photos from both our lives set to music. We played it after everyone was seated for the reception. It was such a great moment filled with tons of laughs! Most of the people in the room had either not seen my childhood photos or Florent’s. As we are from different countries, it permitted people to discover a bit more about us and our families through this video.

My brother-in-law owns cocktail bars, wine bars, and restaurants in Europe and the US, so when it came time to pick a signature cocktail, we wanted to pay homage to him and the bar we met in. He and his partners created a cocktail in 2006 called the Experience #1 that was served at their first bar, Experimental Cocktail Club , in Paris. This is also the bar where Florent and I met. It just seemed natural to choose this cocktail to be served to our guests throughout the night. One of my brothers is also in the wine and spirit business, so when it came time to choose the wine, we relied on his advice and suggestions. Our family friend is doing some really great things out in California with wine and we tried a few of his wines and chose the Mordecai by Banshee red wine to serve at our wedding. We were happy we could serve a friend’s wine and showcase some of the good reds that are coming out of the USA to our French guests. For the white wine, we chose one from Burgundy to add the french touch to our Franco-American wedding.

For our menu, we served elk for an appetizer, lamb/trout for the main dish, a cheese plate, and then red velvet cake. We added the cheese plate in order to keep the French theme going. We also chose local cuisine by choosing the Colorado lamb, trout, and elk. If all these people were descending on Aspen from different countries, it seemed only logical to showcase the local meats, fish, and cheeses. It was all delicious and cooked perfectly. Often times wedding food is mediocre at best, but The Hotel Jerome knocked this one out of the park! We had guests telling us that it was one of the best meals they have had, period. That was nice to hear since we had put a lot of thought into it.


Best memories from your wedding day
I borrowed my sister-in law’s veil for the big day. When it came time to put it on me, I enlisted her help. However, at that moment she was getting her hair curled and had to put the veil on with her hair in mini, separated pony tails, and half curled! The photos are hilarious of this moment. We were on the verge of crying because the moment was so special, yet also busting out laughing…a great moment for me.

I also LOVED the fact that everyone hit the dance floor while the appetizer was being served! I told the DJ to play music we wanted to dance to during dinner, to keep everyone’s toes tapping. The kids ran out to the dance floor and started dancing and singing to the music!! It was too tempting for the adults, as well. We all got up and joined the kids and ended up dancing in between the courses…we wanted a party, and WE GOT IT!!!!

I do have to mention that a plane crashed at the Aspen Airport 4 days before our wedding, which closed the airport for a few days. At that same time, a snowstorm hit the midwest and flights were all cancelled to the airports surrounding Aspen and eventually into Aspen once the airport finally opened! I went to the hospital 2 days before the wedding because I had staph infection in my throat as well as the flu. There were lots of things thrown into that week that were so unexpected and potentially disastrous for us and our wedding. Guests hopped into cars, carpooled, drove 15 hours to get to Aspen, waited in airports for days, drove 2 hours south of their hometowns just to hop a flight that was actually scheduled to leave for Colorado…we were moved beyond words to see the extreme measures our guests were going to just to simply be there for our day. The fact that every single one of them made it, was just amazing and so touching to us. Everyone in that room really did have something to celebrate and were ready to do it once they arrived.

Any advice for a bride planning a destination wedding?
I would say that even before you visit venues, make a list of criteria that are a must for you or you are not flexible with. Call venues and ask about these things and see if your criteria can be met or not. I was thinking about doing my wedding in a state other than Colorado, until I found out that in this state, liquor could not be served after 11 pm and the venue had to be shut down at 11:30 due to a noise ordinance imposed…this was a deal breaker for me and we ended up completely taking a different turn with the location and state.

I would also say that hiring at least a day-of wedding planner is essential for a destination wedding. Jane Floyd of Jane Floyd and Associates and Christine Follin of The Hotel Jerome completely put it all together for me. I communicated my ideas and they made it happen along with my chosen florist. When you are a bride planning a destination event, there needs to be someone locally based that understands your vision and what you want and can tell you if that can happen or not with respect to your chosen location.

Enjoy your engagement, planning, and wedding week…it all goes by so fast!! In the blink of an eye, a year had passed and we were boarding a plane for our honeymoon. Savor every face in that room that night, every hug, every smile…because they all came to this destination wedding for YOU and to be a part of this huge moment in your lives. It was truly on honor to host our guests and it is a week we will never forget.


Thank you to the local vendors of Aspen Colorado
Jane Floyd and Associates – Wedding and Event Planner  Harrington Smith – Florist     Rev. Jill Pidcock – Officiant     Halcyon Productions – Audio/Visual    DJ Dillon – Platinum Productions     Hotel Jerome – Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue     Florist: Harrington Smith       Hair: Claudia Connell of Bloom Salon    Robin Proctor Photography     Ceremony Quartet: Silver City Strings.



February 18, 2014 |

Let Frias Properties Help With Your Unforgettable Aspen Wedding


Aspen Wedding Guide is glad to collaborate with one of our great partners in rehearsals, receptions, and accommodations for weddings in Aspen!  Frias Properties provides full services to bridal couples planning their Aspen wedding.  Read on!


Aspen Wedding couple at Frias Properties

Frias Properties of Aspen

Wedding groups planning an Aspen, Colorado, wedding come in all shapes and sizes – from small, intimate gatherings to larger groups of 50+ people. Frias Properties of Aspen works with groups of all sizes and takes pride in helping assure that every wedding is an unforgettable success, no matter what time of year or what type of group wants to visit Aspen. Frias also hosts vow renewals, family reunions and business retreats/meetings at the Chateau Roaring Fork conference area located on the scenic Roaring Fork River. Frias Properties manages condominiums, townhouses and private homes ranging from studio condominiums to 7-bedroom townhouses – varying in price from economy to luxury. And for years Frias Properties has added a set of additional services, known as “The Frias Touch.”

Frias Properties Group Sales Manager Lisa Jennings helps engaged couples plan the perfect Aspen getaway wedding – everything from lodging accommodations to the welcome party/rehearsal dinner to the ceremony itself. Lisa works with couples to ensure everything is covered, including (but not limited to):

· Finding your group the right lodging location in town
· Ensuring the entire group is lodged near each other
· Personally doing a quality-control check of each room prior to the group arrival
· Access to any of Frias’ three conference rooms – Chateau Roaring Fork, Fasching Haus and Silverglo
· Access to private conference room for functions with cutting-edge audio and video equipment
· Welcome party accommodations and catering
· Rehearsal dinner accommodations and catering
· Wedding ceremony accommodations
· Wedding reception accommodations and catering
· Honeymoon accommodationsAspen wedding accommodations

This comes in addition to the number of services that Frias already includes with its rentals:

· Free Aspen airport transfers (*does not include the Independence Square)
· Complimentary passes to the Aspen Club & Spa, the valley’s premier full-service spa and workout facility, offering everything from soothing massages to state-of-the-art exercise equipment.
· Parking passes
· Free Wi-Fi
· Mountain views
· Close to downtownWeddings and receptions at Frias Properties Aspen

Since Lisa works so closely with wedding groups, we asked her for her Top 4 Aspen Wedding Tips:

· Plan at least a week so your group can receive the full Aspen experience. There are so many activities!

· Use the free Aspen airport transportation and book a location close to downtown. In Aspen, you can practically walk everywhere! A car is not necessary.

· Take advantage of our full line of concierge services. The Frias concierge desk can assist with everything from baby-sitting to outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting and skiing.

· Work with Lisa to plan your catering or special events as early as possibly to ensure availability.

Next, we asked Lisa, “what’s your top summer lodging recommendations for weddings? Many couples love getting married in Aspen in the summer, when there’s great hiking, biking and scenery. Others love “getting hitched” during the color-change season that takes place usually in late-September and early-October.

“The Chateau Roaring Fork and Chateau Eau Claire offer patios with beautiful views of the Roaring Fork River,” Lisa said. “The Hyatt Grand Aspen is located in the heart of downtown Aspen. The Chateau Chaumont and Chateau Dumont complexes are at the base of the gondola and offer direct access to all of Aspen’s restaurants.”

So – of course – we had to ask about winter weddings! Aspen is world-renown for its amazing four mountains – Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass – as well as events such as the Winter X Games and holidays like Christmas and New Year’s.”Chateau Roaring Fork Conference Room - full

“The Galena Street Neighborhood offers fantastic service and a wonderful location close to both Lift 1A and the Silver Queen Gondola,” Lisa said. “The Ritz-Carlton Club at Aspen Highlands is ski-in ski-out located at the base of Highlands, and the Independence Square hotel is a bed and breakfast located in the heart of downtown Aspen. The Silverglo offers a free ski shuttle downtown during season, and the condominiums there are very affordable for Aspen.”

For more information, contact Lisa! She’d love to talk with you and help you plan your most special day! Call her directly at (970) 429-2453 or e-mail

Kevin Burton

Silverglo interior - living area

Ritz-Carlton Club interior

Independence Square exterior - winter

Aspen Wedding Meadow

aspen wedding jacuzzi

Galena Street Neighborhood exterior - winter

Aspen Wedding Engagement

Weddings at Frias Properties Aspen

January 31, 2014 |

Aspen Mountain Wedding in the Clouds


You never know what you will get when you have a wedding at the top of a mountain in Colorado.  On this September wedding day in Aspen, we were engulfed in clouds, we had rain and we had full sunshine.

This was the perfect recipe for incredible pictures and a memorable wedding day for all.

Congratulations Andrea and Paul!  September 14, 2013


From Andrea:  We decided on the ceremony location because of the incredible scenery!  Aspen was the perfect destination wedding spot for us. It gave us the beautiful mountain scenery that we really wanted, experienced and talented vendors, and amazing hotels and restaurants that everyone could walk to.

I think our wedding combined a lot of different elements. We really wanted to use some natural elements from the surrounding area so we incorporated birch bark vases and our guests threw aspen leaves around us as we left the reception. We got married in September so we also pulled in amazing fall colors in red, orange, and yellow. Our ceremony and reception had a lot of really bright colors, our runner was bright orange, our flowers a combination of red and orange, and we had our florist cut off the heads of sunflowers to lay on all of our reception tables. We really tried to make our choices meaningful and unique to us!


Andrea’s favorite memories:

Watching Paul get tears in his eyes as I walked down the aisle toward him.
Saying our vows! (We wrote our own)
Dancing with my mom at the reception.

Paul’s favorite memories:

Watching our guests in awe at the view from the top of Aspen mountain.
Tourists taking their own pictures of the beautiful bride as she stood by the edge of the mountain.
The first dance!


Any advice for a bride planning a destination wedding?

Book early! If you fall in love with ceremony or reception location, book it as early as you can. We booked our locations a year and a half in advance to make sure that we could get the vendors that we really liked. We also chose to focus most of our money on a few key pieces and save money on others. For example, photography was really important to us so we used a big part of our budget on that. To save money we hooked up an iPod to the sound system rather then hiring a DJ or band.


Wedding Coordinator: Creative Weddings  /  Flowers and Decor: Aspen Branch  /  Wedding Officiant: Jill Pidcock   Ceremony Music: Silver City Strings  /  Hair and Makeup:  Full Circle  /  Photographer: Robin Proctor Photography


January 24, 2014 |

Winter Engagement Photography Tips


Top Ten Winter Engagement Photography Tips

Winter engagement sessions are very popular here in Aspen.  Here is a list of tips that I give my couples, to ensure we have a great day of shooting.

1.  Bring your dog along.  Even if its for only part of the shoot.  Dogs are so much fun.

2.  Dress warm – scarves, hats, gloves, boots and hand warmers.  Temperatures dip quickly and you don’t want to be cold and uncomfortable.

3.  Make a plan – Confirm with your photographer the time, location and concept.  Create a Pinterest board of images you like, and share with your photographer before the shoot.

4.  Add in Adventure, snow shoeing, ice skating, sledding…  makes for interesting, more natural images.

5.  Colors – Add a pop of color for great contrast to white snow.

6.  Change of clothes – Perhaps formal wear inside and casual clothes in the snow and around town.

7.  Winter driving – Anticipate for traffic delays, make sure you have enough time for everything you have planned.

8.  Tickets or foot passes – Required for chair or gondola ride

9.  Lip Balm – remember lip moisturizer 10.  Sunglasses – Can be fun and essential at times

10.  Have fun! End with a snowball fight or running in the snow.

Cheers! Robin Proctor of Robin Proctor Photography

December 23, 2013 |

A Romantic Woody Creek Wedding


Congratulations to Kate Purnell and Kris Good, married August 16, 2013.

woody-creek-wedding-1How the couple met and got engaged: We met on a blind date.  Kris proposed at the restaurant where Kate told him she had fallen in love with him shortly after they moved into their first house.  Her parents were in town visiting.  It was very romantic and much celebrating ensued.

They chose Aspen for their wedding destination because?  Kate grew up in Aspen and always knew she wanted to get married in her backyard.  The wedding day was a long time dream come true.

Wedding Ceremony/Reception venue: The bride’s parent’s backyard and childhood house in Little Texas, Woody Creek on the river.


Wedding Flowers:   Created by Harrington Smith.  Bouquet was a massing of ranunculus, dahlias, zinnia, coxcomb, gerbera daisies in late Summer tones of yellow, tangerine, and vibrant red.   Centerpieces: Variety of different centerpieces including monochromatic, monofloral arrangements, then succulents, billy balls, and textured elements with brightly colored floral embellishments.


Favorite moments from the wedding day:

-the hustle and bustle of wedding set up in my backyard

– how I didn’t have to worry about anything because my wedding planner had it all planned & organized

-the last dances

-the flowers and all the little details

-dancing with my sisters as we got ready

-walking/laughing down the aisle with my dad

-the song my Dad chose for our first dance and how my mom and sisters came to join

-Molly’s speech

-the photo booth with best friends

-a lifetime of friends and family from the community and afar were present


Special touches incorporated into the ceremony and reception:

-Stranahans Colorado whiskey in a custom box for our ten year anniversary at the ceremony and then copious amounts of whiskey in personalized tumblers during the ceremony.

-having a close family friend Tim McFlynn officiate, his daughter and my dear friend Abby Gordon-Farleigh participating as well as my friend and spiritual guide Amy Harris giving a blessing.

-Mad Libs RSVP cards from guests on display.

-the Sistah’s rings I gave my mom and sisters as bridesmaids gifts


Photography by Kate Holstein Photography


Wedding Planner: Vanessa R. Adam, V Adam Event Planning

Tent rentals: Premier Party Rentals

Lighting/Audio: Halcyon Productions

Hair and Makeup: Full Circle

Wedding Cake: Caribou Club Cakes
















November 19, 2013 |

Best of Aspen Weddings in Black and White Photography


We at Aspen Wedding Guide have noticed over the years that couples can’t get enough black and white photos of their weddings.  Especially with the advent of digital photography which allows such ease between both color and black and white options, many brides request them of their photographers.

As a result, we have produced this beautiful graphic featuring the work of three of our photography vendors, Luminance Photography, Todd Patrick Photography, and Robin Proctor Photography.  These professionals possess such fabulous portfolios of their years of wedding work in the Aspen area, it was difficult to decide which to feature.

The locations are peerless: Top of Aspen Mountain, T Lazy 7 Ranch, Maroon Bells, plus several around the town of Aspen.  The Aspen Chapel and street scenes we’ve included are popular with couples and our blog readers have seen many others!

If you are beginning to plan your wedding celebrations in Aspen, you may still be researching these topics.  We hope this graphic inspires you and leads you to your own unique wedding plans.  Visit our Facebook page and website for more venues and locations and check out our blog to hear about the newest and best Aspen has to offer when planning your wedding!
See more images at Luminance Photography, Todd Patrick Photography, and Robin Proctor Photography.

Black and White Wedding Photography

November 12, 2013 |

Bachelorette Weekend in Aspen


The 2014 wedding season is almost upon us so it is time to start planning bachelorette parties. Aspen is such a beautiful place in the wintertime so why not plan a winter weekend getaway for you and your bridesmaids. If you are looking for something fun, unique, and classy a weekend in the mountains with your best girlfriends is an amazing idea.


Welcome the bridal party to your bachelorette weekend with a plaid themed welcome booklet that includes an itinerary with all the details of your weekend getaway. Include a fun photo scavenger hunt in the welcome booklet that you and your girlfriends can do throughout the weekend. Some fun ideas that are unique to Aspen like an urban cowboy, man riding a bike with his skis, or an outrageous ski

Welcome your bridesmaids to the mountains with a gift bag that is full of things they can use over the weekend.  Include matching scarves, hats, and mittens to stay warm throughout your weekend activities and a personalized coffee mug for those coffee and bailey’s you’ll be drinking all weekend.


While a day on the ski slopes is a fun way to spend time with your girlfriends it can also be exhausting which is why a morning at the spa is a perfect way to relax and unwind the next day. Allow yourself to be pampered!


After a morning of relaxation enjoy lunch at one of Aspen’s many fabulous restaurants and take your girlfriends for an afternoon of ice skating at the base of Aspen Mountain.


Aspen has some of the best shopping you can find from high-end designers like Gucci and Prada to unique one of a kind boutiques like the Aspen Emporium on Main Street. After an afternoon of shopping, enjoy cocktails and dinner at one of Aspen’s many hot nightspots. You could enjoy the famous Nobu sushi at Matsuhisa or travel back in time to old Aspen at the Hotel Jerome’s J-Bar.

A great way to end your winter weekend in the mountains is to treat your girlfriends to a sleigh ride to Aspen’s famous Maroon Bells and lunch at the cozy Klondike cabin in the mountains.



There’s nothing better to top off a yummy lunch than s’mores and a chocolate espresso martini!


Your best friends will never forget such an amazing and unique bachelorette weekend in Colorado’s best mountain town!


Featured Aspen Wedding Guide Vendors:

Coordination: Bluebird Productions

Photography: Robin Proctor Photography

Floral: Aspen Branch

Paper: Express Yourself

Venue: Hotel Jerome, T Lazy 7 Ranch, and Maroon Bells Outfitters

November 5, 2013 |

St Regis Aspen Colorado Wedding by Jane Floyd and Associates



 We love this Aspen wedding with the luxurious style the St Regis and Jane Floyd & Associates is known for.  The huppa is definitely one of our favorites that we have seen, designed by the Aspen Branch, very Colorado.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful images by Samuel Lippke Studios

Aspen Wedding Guide Preferred Vendors:

Venue: The St. Regis Aspen Resort, Aspen, CO  Coordinator: Jane Floyd & Associates  Floral and Design: The Aspen Branch  Hair & Makeup: Full Circle  Tenting: Premier Party Rentals

  Lighting: Halcyon Productions  Live Music: Starkey Productions


Jane-Floyd-St-Regis   Jane-Floyd-St-Regis-2








October 22, 2013 |

Saving Money on Aspen Weddings, Part 2



Unusual weddings may save money

As a bargain-seeking Aspen bride, it’s easy to start economizing with the big-ticket items like wedding ceremony venue and reception site.  We hope part one of this blog series helped you with those suggestions.  Because there are many more opportunities to save money on your wedding, read on!

Several of our wedding planner-consultants urge brides and couples to think creatively and ask a lot of questions of your various wedding related contacts.  We all have notions of how weddings are “supposed to” go, but there is plenty of room for new ways to carry out the event.  Bargains on Aspen weddings

Certainly you have visualized the size of your wedding.  The bigger the invitation list, the bigger the food, supplies, gifts or favors, decor, and transportation bills.  Paring down to your absolutely most loved guests will pare down your costs. Consider a small wedding party as well.  A few attendants can be just as meaningful as a large number.

Another of those items that is sensitive to the size of your event is invitations.  Erin and Amy at Express Yourself in Basalt offer a very nice selection of invitations printed in their shop.  Who knew? Your excitement  in announcing your wedding celebrations can be conveyed quite well in this way.

 Light snacks for a budget weddingIf food is an item you would consider crossing off your wedding must-have list, you aren’t alone.  Come right out and state the situation on your wedding invitation and guests can plan accordingly.   If you’re concerned that the grandpas, great aunts and little brothers are among those who will need sustenance amidst the excitement, ask caterers about light hors d’oeuvres and request lots of drinks options at the cash bar.

Surely it’s been mentioned by some relative or friend that you can do decor by yourself.  We hope you will take that suggestion as an offer to volunteer and delegate the job right away!  In Aspen, locals know that The Thrift Shop is a serious source for baskets and vases.  The current trend of sustainable or zero-waste weddings is an admirable effort, doing away with decor altogether or using  local branches, flowers and other natural props.

 Finally, what about borrowing and sharing? The taboo topic you might be hearing first from us is borrowing a wedding dress.  Indeed, borrowing and sharing many wedding staples works for some brides.  To share the dress cost of your same-size friend marrying in the same year or season could help both of your budgets.  Along the same lines, when you are interviewing venues, officiants, or even transportation options, ask if another event is scheduled just before your date.  A conference that has just capped off their week with a bash Friday night might leave decor and floral centerpieces that could be enjoyed again Saturday night.  Did you know that you  may also be able to share the cost of firing up the Silver Queen Gondola?  Unofficially, events on top of the mountain that are purchasing the gondola service may carry over to your ceremony.  It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Unusual wedding ideas via photographytechtips

We know these are just a few ideas amidst a world of imaginative brides.  What are your stories?  Have you have succeeded in planning a fabulous Aspen wedding on a small budget?  Visit our Facebook page, or leave your comment below!

Thanks to, Hendrickson Photography, Betty of Brooklyn Catering and Robin Proctor Photography.

September 11, 2013 |

Aspen Winter Wedding Video


We are thrilled to feature this beautiful winter wedding of Emily and Alex.  This video showcases the beautiful winter landscape of Aspen as well as the emotion of the day and the love shared among the family and friends.  See the gorgeous details and ambiance of the ceremony and reception.

Featured Aspen Wedding Guide Professionals:  Wedding Planning and Design EKS Events, Reception at The St Regis, Floral and Design by The Aspen Branch, Lighting and Sound by Alchemy, Hair and Makeup by Full Circle.
Wedding Video by Brett Ramker of Photographic Initiative.

July 26, 2013 |
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