Submit a Wedding Email Template to Send to Clients

Submit a Wedding

Email Template for Vendors to Send to Clients


Subject: Submitting for Publication

Dear __client’s name__,

Have you considered submitting your wedding for publication?

The wedding planning process always seems to take eons and then boom, the big day is over in the blink of an eye. Submitting your wedding for publication on Aspen Wedding Guide is an easy way to make your wedding day last much longer than the date on the invitation.

Aspen Wedding Guide makes it simple for you to submit your wedding to their blog for your friends, family, and loved ones to see. It really is as easy as one, two, three.

  1.     Click “Submit A Wedding” on the Aspen Wedding Guide homepage
  2.     Fill in the form (it takes 10-15 minutes, tops)
  3.     Submit! (They usually review and post weddings within a couple of weeks)

Yes, we promise it’s that simple. Submitting your wedding is a great way to cherish your special memories forever. It also provides inspiration for other couples going through the tedious wedding-planning process, knowing that you made it out the other end. Not only will other couples read your post and use it for inspiration, it is also a chance to give recognition and thanks to your wedding vendors. Your vendors will be over the moon that you took the time to acknowledge them.

From your flower arrangements to your food, Aspen Wedding Guide wants to know the nitty gritty of your wedding day and what made it special to you. Their goal is to publish the beauty of real weddings in the valley. Submitting a wedding to their blog is a unique opportunity to immortalize your big day, and we can attest that every client we have who submits their wedding for publication is glad they took the time to do it.



___your name____

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