Spotlight on: Tara Marolda, Aspen Wedding Photographer


Meet Tara Marolda, a talented Aspen wedding photographer. Her story is inspiring and fascinating. She captures the emotion and personality in each shot, telling a story with her images. We are thrilled to share a little about her. Read on, get to know her and her stunning wedding photographs!

Tell us how you got into wedding photography? How long have you been doing this?

I got into photography working as a camera assistant for my mother (documentary filmmaker) and two of my favorite National Geographic photographers, Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith in Kenya shooting tribal ceremonies over a decade ago. I picked all of their brains so much and l learned as much as I could about photography on those expeditions. When I moved back to the states in my early 20’s, the most natural thing for me was to pick up the camera and continue shooting portraiture. Eventually I became confident enough to offer photography services for a couple of good friends getting married in Aspen, and from there, word of mouth did the rest of the work for me. I quickly started picking up weddings and enjoyed capturing the most intimate and special day in a couple’s lives.


What type of photos do you like taking best?
I love portraiture. Specifically, documentary style, lifestyle photography – capturing real moments, real emotion. You can be 90 or 9 months old – I enjoy it all the same. There is something magical about freezing a moment in time, a real belly laugh or a moment so wrought with emotion there are real tears… that to me, is beautiful and human and I really fight to catch those shots.

What moment during the wedding do you most enjoy photographing?
I think my favorite moment during a wedding is the “getting ready” shots, when the bride is a ball of nerves and excitement is everywhere. I love these moments in black and white. When I capture the mother or father of the bride, looking at their daughter with so much emotion and tears in their eyes, seeing exactly what they are seeing: their baby girl becoming a woman, a gorgeous bride. It’s a beautiful moment.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I love to scour instagram for other fine art photographers and their work. I am constantly searching amazing photographers and feeling  jealous and even more inspired by their work. I am always learning, always researching, always practicing the art of photography and becoming a better photographer. I am hungry for it.


Tips for the bride and groom on choosing a photographer?

Splurge and save. I got married in Aspen in 2010, and I wish I had the knowledge I do now of getting married in this beautiful mountain town.

Find what is most important to you, and spend the money on it. For example, don’t try and find a cheap photographer – that is the one and only way you are going to remember your wedding… spend the money on the best photographer you can afford. It will make ALL the difference.  Make sure you hire a qualified photographer/s… grill that photographer on whether they give print release rights, and how high the resolution of the digitals are. You don’t want to pay someone an arm and a leg, only to find out that you don’t even have the rights to your own images. This is something that is changing in modern times… more and more photographers understand how important it is to give the digitals as part of their package and it only behooves them in the long run. Brides posting their wedding photos on social media? That’s advertisement and its a win-win for both sides.

Anything else to share?

When looking for a photographer, go with someone who has a similar sense in style. If you like pictures where everyone is posed perfectly and smiling at the camera, choose a photographer who obviously has this style. If you want some thing a little more natural, a little more candid and not so conventional, find a photographer who has that eye (and that style in their portfolio).


Thank you to Tara Marolda for sharing with us! Check out Tara Marola and other Aspen wedding photographers here

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