5 Ways to Show Your Bridesmaids Love


Your wedding day is a day for your and your fiancé, but your bride tribe likely is a group of special people that you are happy to have stand by your side. They will wear a dress they may hate, attend wedding events, and spend money because they love you. Since this is Valentine’s Day month, here are some ways you can show your bridesmaids that you appreciate them and their friendship.

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  1. Throw a Bridesmaids’ Bash

    Put together a casual (low cost) brunch, lunch or cocktail party for your girls! This is all about showing how much you appreciate them. It is also a great way to have all of your bridesmaids meet and spend time together before the wedding festivities.

  2. Ask them in a special way

    Another great idea is at the party, you can give each girl a gift or small token to ask them to be your bridesmaid. Need some fun, creative ideas? Check out our post here.

  3. Let them be involved (or not!)

    Some of your bridesmaids may be dying to accompany you to wedding shows, cake tasting, wedding dress shopping and your trips to look for décor. Others may be hoping to get out of this. Remember that these events aren’t for everyone and don’t take it personally if it seems like your wedding isn’t a priority for many of your ‘maids. Be flexible about the level of involvement. However, if a certain event is really important to you be sure to specify this to your bridal party and let them know attendance would be appreciate.

  4. Consider their input

    When it comes to the bridal party, listen to your bridesmaids about their thoughts about the bridesmaids dresses, hair/makeup, shoes and accessories. If you can, give them options for their dress. Finding one style that fits every body type is difficult. Choose a color and dress designer and then let them choose the neckline or style. Or, you can have them choose their own dresses with each girl in a completely different style.

  5. Thank them!

    Plan on thanking your friends and family members for their role in the wedding. Publically appreciate them at the rehearsal dinner or reception. You could even share a special note about each person in your wedding program. Make sure they know how much you appreciate them being by your side.


Your bridesmaids are some of your favorite people, making them feel appreciated and loved will bring them joy and make celebrating you and your fiance on your wedding day even more special! How are you showing your bridesmaids some love? Comment with your ideas!

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