Best Wedding Dress Ideas for Tall Brides


When industry experts talk about finding a wedding dress that suits your body type, they often cover a lot of ground: what to wear if you’re curvy, what to wear if you’re short, how to love your body no matter what shape or size you are, etc.


What they fail to cover is tips for the tall bride. This can make it challenging for women above average height to know what to look for and what questions to ask. Here are some wedding dress shopping tips and ideas for tall brides.


Decide to Embrace or Hide Your Height


Some brides feel happy about their height and accept their body as it is. Others feel self-conscious about their height and want to pull attention away from it. There’s no right or wrong answer, but your preference will impact some of your dress-buying decisions.


Accentuating Your Height


If you decide to embrace your height and show it off, there are a few dress styles that can help you do just that. One of the best ways to showcase your height is to wear a long, sheath dress. These often have extra fabric at the bottom, making them a safe bet when shopping at a wedding dress retailer online


Sheath style dresses are perfect for the bride who appreciates simplicity. The length and cut accentuate the vertical lines, and the light fabric creates movement. 


Another style option for tall brides is the mermaid or trumpet gown. This form-fitting gown accentuates the body, enhancing even the slightest curves. This style is a show-stopper on tall brides and will have your guests and partner in awe as you walk down the aisle.


Hiding Your Height


If you’re hoping to offset your height, that’s ok too. Rather than choosing a form-fitting dress or something with long, straight lines, choose something with a wider base. Ballgown style dresses and A-line dresses have strong horizontal components that trick the eye into looking away from your height. 


Choose something with a dropped waistline to elongate your torso and take the focus away from your legs. Even if you are longer on top, avoid wearing an empire waistline as it creates the illusion of length (making it a favorite amongst short brides).


Decide on the Shoes


Before you go wedding dress shopping, you need to decide what shoes you’re wearing. This is something all brides should do, but it becomes more important when the bride is above average height. 


If you love wearing high heels, don’t feel as though you have to go without on your big day. Most dresses are built for tall brides; it’s the shorter brides that usually have to have adjustments to the height. However, if you’re already pushing six feet tall, heels might put you over the threshold for a standard dress. 


Talk to a Seamstress


Adding length to a dress is more challenging than taking it away. Talking to a seamstress about your options before you go wedding shopping can create some framework for your experience. They’ll be able to tell you how much extra fabric to look for and what styles would be most straightforward to adjust. They can also rule out your shoes if need be.


When it comes to buying a dress as a tall bride, your seamstress is your best friend. Trust their judgment and try not to make any final decisions on your dress until they share their input.


Shine Bright Like a Diamond


Your wedding day is your day to shine. If you’re struggling to find the perfect dress that works with your body, consider having a custom option commissioned. Fortunately, there are a lot of online retailers that have something for everyone; you just need to be willing to do the legwork!


November 1, 2019 |

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