Did You Include these Unique Items on Your Wedding Registry


Now that you’re engaged, just about any free second of your time is going towards planning your dream wedding. While you’re expending so much energy on that big day, you also need to make sure you’re thinking about life after the celebration. That’s where your registry comes into play. Your wedding registry is made up of the items that will help you begin your life as a married couple, so you want to make sure you have the items that are right for your specific needs. Here are some ideas of unique items you can include.

Donations to a charity

If you find that you have almost everything your hearts desire, including donations to a charity of your choice on your wedding registry is becoming more and more popular. Simply choose a cause that is near and dear to your hearts, and ask your guests to make a donation in your name instead of giving you gifts. Not only will your special day mean a lot to you, but it will also make a difference to an organization in need.

Equipment to keep you active

Being in Aspen means we have year round access to plenty of ways to stay fit and active. Register for some new bikes and take advantage of the many biking trails for a post-wedding adventure. Or if the slopes are more your style, register for some new skis for some winter fun later in the year.

A stay-cation retreat

Speaking of the slopes, there are so many beautiful lodges in Aspen open year round. Ask your guests to fund a stay-cation for you to enjoy and relax post-wedding. One guest can gift you a massage while others chip in for the cost of the stay. An easy way to do this is through the creation of a honeymoon fund. Just make sure to take plenty of pictures to share with those who helped pay for your “trip.”

Living room furniture

If the decor in your home is in need of a bit of an update, your registry offers the perfect opportunity to refresh it’s look. Now you can upgrade pieces that see a lot of use, like your living room sofa, to bring a fresh new style to your new, shared life. This is also a place to add smaller items, like coasters, salt and pepper shakers, towels etc. When your guests group together to buy you a more expensive item, some may also opt to purchase a smaller, less expensive gift that’s just from them.

We wish you happiness as you begin your newlywed life together!

June 8, 2019 |

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