Everything You Shouldn’t Do at a Hen Party


By Alice Prendergast

Description: So, you’re on the guest list for an upcoming hen do? Then it’s time to brush up on your party etiquette.

Hen parties are all about fun, but you still need to be mindful of your manners. While you’re welcome to get a bit tipsy and shout about the bride-to-be’s wedding from the rooftops, there are a few things you should restrain yourself from doing. If you avoid these little missteps, you’re guaranteed to be an amazing guest at your bestie’s hen party.

Here’s everything you shouldn’t do at a hen party.

Try to control the party

Yes, you may have helped plan the hen party, but you are not the guest of honour, so avoid peer-pressuring the bride into doing anything she doesn’t want to do. If your idea of a good time is going wild at the club, but she prefers more subdued soirées, don’t force her out of her PJs and to the nearest watering hole – she may prefer a Netflix and takeaway night, anyway.

Push the bride to far from her comfort zone

While it’s A-OK to surprise the bride-to-be, you don’t want to make her uncomfortable at her own hen party. If something you’ve planned (even if you think it suits her taste) doesn’t sit well with her, strike it from the itinerary.

Ditch your friends

This pretty much goes without staying, but you need to be with your hen party squad for the entire evening. Of course, if a handsome guy wants to buy you a drink, you can totally chat him up, but you shouldn’t spend your entire evening far from your friends. Also, no leaving super early without telling anyone – that’s a faux pas at every event.

Drink too much

Obviously, the aim of the game is to make the hen party fun. While it’s fine to indulge in a few boozy beverages, you don’t want to be the drunkest person at the event. Give yourself a limit so that the bride doesn’t end up being your babysitter (that’ll make her hen do one to remember, but not in the way she expected).

Complain about cash

Of course, being fiscally responsible is a good thing, but nobody wants to listen to you complain about your money situation – especially the bride-to-be. Keep in mind that she’s probably investing thousands of pounds into her big day, so you can probably afford club cover and one or two drinks or a trip to the spa. Pro tip: if you really can’t afford it, tell the bride-to-be and/or host you won’t be able to make it well in advance so that they can make reservations and you don’t surprise anyone with your absence when the event arrives.

Extend extra, unplanned invitations

You, the bride’s inner circle and maybe even the bride herself put a lot of work into creating the perfect hen party guest list, so don’t go changing things at the eleventh hour. Save hanging out with your other close friends for another night, this one’s reserved for the guest of honour and whoever she wants in attendance.

Be a drama queen

Drama queens may be fun to watch on the silver screen, but they’re not so great IRL. If you and another member of your group are frenemies or someone gets on your nerves, brush it off, take a few deep breaths and carry on. You don’t want to ruin the party over something petty.

Make the bride spend all her money

The bride has a lot to pay for in the upcoming weeks, from pre-wedding parties to wedding apparel to catering for all of her guests. Even if you’re not super rich, save a chunk of money to donate to the hen party. Depending on the size of the guest list, the group may be able to foot the guest of honour’s entire bill without chipping in too much.

Switch up the itinerary

You put a lot of time into making the perfect hen party itinerary, so don’t go changing it at the last minute. While you can make a few detours, it’s best to go with what you’ve got (it’s probably an epic plan to begin with).

Make the party all about you

Even if you’re the most outgoing person at the event, you shouldn’t try to steal the spotlight from the bride-to-be. Remember, she only gets one hen party, so you can stand not being the centre of attention for one evening. We promise, it won’t kill you.

Ignore the dress code

If the hen do you’re attending has a dress code, stick to it. The bride has requested everyone in their best 80s glam? Get yourself a neon bodysuit and scrunchie and get ready to rock it. Does she want everyone to don matching robes for her spa day? Embrace it! You can save that fancy dress for another event.

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