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How To Make Sure Your Wedding Day Doesn’t Ruin Your Sleep


Preparing for your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. However, it is also full of important decisions and life-changing plan that cause stress. As the stress levels start to rise, getting enough sleep becomes a challenge. Many people think of sleep as a luxury, but if you’re going to avoid becoming a bridezilla, you’ll need to make sleep a priority.

More Stress, Less Sleep

Stress and sleep loss have a cyclical relationship. As you get less sleep, the emotional center of your brain becomes more sensitive to negative thoughts. At the same time, the part of your brain that applies reasoning and logic to your emotions becomes less active. Without enough sleep, a few last-minute changes to your guest list could send you into an emotional rant that would never happen otherwise. And, unfortunately, a continued lack of sleep only serves to build more stress.

Whether your stress stems from planning seating arrangements or simply balancing wedding planning with your work schedule, it can ruin the joy of preparing for your special day.

Put a Stopper in the Cycle

You can’t get rid of all stress. Planning for a wedding just happens to be one of those periods of life that’s unique, special, and stressful. By placing a focus on healthy sleep and using good stress management skills, you can keep yourself in good emotional equilibrium.

Take a good look at the conditions of your bedroom. Is there anything that’s preventing you from getting a good night’s rest?  Does your mattress support your preferred sleep style – back, stomach, side? Does the color of your room help you feel relaxed and calm? Is all light blocked out at night? You might need to make a few changes to give your mind and body better chances at relaxing.

Your personal habits and behaviors can also have a big impact on your ability to sleep. Try to:

  • Avoid Stimulants Late in the Day: Stimulants like caffeine temporarily block the release of sleep hormones. Try to cut back or stop your intake of soda, coffee, and energy drinks early in the afternoon to prevent a delay in the onset of sleep.

  • Limit Your Screen Time at Night: The bright blue light that some electronics give off can suppress the release of sleep hormones. Try turning off your television, laptop, or smartphone two to three hours before bed to help you fall asleep faster.

  • Eat Healthy, Snack Smart: A well-balanced diet contributes to your overall health, but it makes a big difference to your sleep quality. Avoid big meals close to bedtime as they can disrupt your digestion. If you tend to reach for a snack in the evening, you may want to stick with foods that help in the production of sleep hormones like almonds, bananas, or dairy products.

  • Be Consistent: A consistent sleep-wake schedule helps your body know when to start the release of sleep hormones. That means going to bed and waking up at the same time every day even on weekends.

  • Stress Management and Relaxation: Don’t forget the importance of letting your mind and body relax. Regular exercise helps relieve tension and stress and some forms like meditation and yoga can also help you sleep better at night.

With a focus on healthy sleep, you’ll be prepared to enjoy this special time with your fiancé and plan the wedding of your dreams.


November 13, 2018 |

Choosing the Right Wedding Arch


Wedding Arches

The right wedding arch helps set the tone for your special day. Over the years, couples have taken many routes to create their arch and tailor it to their theme. More traditional arches still incorporate sheer fabric and fresh florals while modern arches take a creative approach by using unexpected materials like shells, bamboo and glass. Some even shy away from the traditional arch shape for more modern shapes like hexagons, triangles, circles and more. The only limit is our imagination!

ProFlowers created a guide to wedding arch ideas so you can get a better idea of what you can do with your arch. They have tips for different ways to decorate your arch and inspiration for modern, classic and rustic arches. Their guide also has tips for different types of materials you can use so you can get a better idea of what you can do to make your wedding arch your own. Peruse through their guide to see what styles you’d like to incorporate for your big day!

Modern Sweetheart

Sea Shore Arch

Typography Arch

Classic Whimsical Arch

Timeless Arch

classic timeless wedding arch ideas

Romantic Arch

classic romantic wedding arch ideas

Rustic Old Vineyard Arch

Fall Garden Arch

Woodland Arch

rustic woodland wedding arch ideas

Full Guide

full guide for wedding arch ideas

August 17, 2018 |

Stars and Stripes: 4th of July Wedding Inspiration


4th of July is the epitome of summer- with a day full of barbecues and patriotic pride, it’s a day of celebrating. While your wedding day may not be full of the stars, stripes and sparklers we have on Independence Day, there are many ways to incorporate the red, white and blue in a beautiful way. Here are a few ideas! (For more chic 4th of July wedding ideas check out our other post here).

  • Berry in love:


    • Berries are so summery! Add fresh fruit topping to your cake or incorporate berries in your decor, food or favors for a pop of color.

Photo// Sandra Aberg Photography via

  • End the night with a bang:

What is more “4th of July” then fireworks? End your wedding night with a dazzling fireworks display! For a more cost-effective option, sparklers are great too.



  • Red, white, blue and I do!

Choosing red, white and blue as your wedding colors is an obvious way to have a festive occasion. Incorporate plaids, stripes, and different shades from bright to muted for an understated Patriotic feel.


Photos//Kelly Oshiro Design via Bridal Guide


  • Include a Flag!

A giant flag will add a little drama to your wedding photos! We just love the idea of hanging a flag outside of a white barn- perfectly patriotic!


Photo// Annie McElwain via Martha Stewart Weddings


  • Fun, festive signature cocktails!

The options for signature drinks are endless. This pretty and patriotic sipper is what Cocktail Academy called the “From Sea to Shining Seas” made with bourbon, lime, blue curacao, mint and bitters.


Photo// Steve Steinhardt via Martha Stewart Weddings

We hope you found these patriotic wedding ideas inspiring! Wishing you a safe and fun 4th of July!

July 3, 2018 |

Wedding Do’s and Don’ts for the Mother-of-the-Bride


Mother’s Day was celebrated this past weekend, and as you approach your daughters wedding day you may be feeling very emotional about your little girl growing up and celebrating this big milestone in her life. It’s a special time for bonding together, lots of happy events and Planning a wedding together can be a very fun process, or maybe it’s involved a lot of butting heads and disagreements about everything. Regardless of your experience, here are some fun ways for you as the mother of the Bride to be involved, but still let your daughter have the wedding she is dreaming about.

DO respect the opinions of your daughter and her fiance. If your side is contributing financially to fund the wedding, it might be tempting to want to make the decisions. While your daughter likely values your input, respect their wishes and taste. Be honest about the budget and your ideas, but allow them to make the final decisions on vendors, decor, and other details. DON’T criticize the dress choices. While your daughter’s fashion choices may not be what you have envisioned her in on her special day, hold back any negative feelings. If you love a look, tell her so. If you are not a fan of something about the dress, share in a nicer way such as- “I really loved how the first dress fit you so well- maybe you should try another dress with that style but with the lace you want.” Shopping for a dress is one of the most fun activities for the MOB, make it a fun moment where your daughter feels special. DO choose your battles. You are likely going to disagree with some of the choices she likes, and it may be difficult to release the planning reigns a bit. But fighting about small details isn’t worth it, the important thing is that you will be by her side on her wedding day. DON’T forget your dress. While clearly the brides dress is the most important fashion choice of the wedding, you want to look special too. Picking out something special to wear for the occasion is fun (and for many MOB’s it can be stressful!!) Choose a style of dress that matches the formality of the wedding- i.e. you don’t want a full length ballgown at a barn wedding. And of course avoid WHITE. That shade should be for the Bride only. DO provide some input for the guest list. Ask the bride and groom about the number of people they are planning on inviting and their plans for your contribution to the guest list. Some couples choose to give each side of the family a certain number they can invite. Once you have received an idea of the number of people you can invite, share your list with them. DON’T ignore a Bridezilla (or Groomzilla) If your daughter is out of line or making everyone crazy with their actions, talk to them. If they are anxious or overwhelmed, offer to take something off their plate. Remind her of the important things- their love and rest of their lives together. The wedding is just one day, while it should be special, it isn’t the end of the world if something isn’t working out as they had hoped. We hope you found these tips helpful as you continue to enjoy the wedding planning process with your daughter. We wish you both a lot of happiness and joy as you celebrate this special occasion as a family.

May 15, 2018 |

Aspen Wedding Planning 101: Choosing a Venue


Recently engaged? Congrats! Getting started with the wedding planning can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin? We hope that Aspen Wedding Guide can be a helpful resource for you during your wedding planning. Before thinking about anything else, we recommend starting with choosing your aspen wedding venue. This is because you can’t really pick a date until you have a venue, and before booking anything else you need to know your wedding date! Also, your wedding venue will set the tone for your wedding. Whether it’s casual or formal, rustic or modern, the decor and other details should match up with the style. Here are some tips for getting started on your search.

  • Choose the date. While you can’t specifically finalize a wedding date until you have confirmed your venue is available on that date, having a rough idea will be so helpful when trying to choose a venue. If you know you want a winter wedding, obviously a venue that has an inside space is key here in Aspen. When looking at venues, finding out availability will be easier if you know you’d like a Saturday in June or July vs just a vague “any date.” Here are some more helpful tips for choosing your wedding date.
  • Consider the style you want. When you think about your wedding day what do you envision? Are you tying the knot in a barn with burlap and lace? Saying “we do” barefoot with a mountainscape and wildflowers in the back? Or do you picture a ballroom black-tie affair? Thinking about your ideal wedding day style will help you pinpoint venues that would fit into this vision. Here are some of our favorite ceremony sites, look through them and see if any fit what you are looking for.
  • Think about the size. All venues have a maximum for the number of guests it can hold. You want it to be comfortable, not cramped for space. Whether you want a large wedding or a more intimate affair, it is important to make sure your dream venue will accommodate your wedding size. While you don’t need an exact count (that will come much later!) creating a rough guest list will helpful in determining whether your wedding will be 50 people or 250 people.
  • Don’t forget your budget! Creating a budget for your wedding day is typically one of the first things brides and grooms do before beginning to plan. How much do you want to spend on the reception and ceremony venues? A wedding planner can help you determine the average costs and percentages of the different pieces as well as recommend venues that fit into your specific budget.

Once you have these questions answered and you have narrowed down the venues to a few you are interested in, set up an in-person visit.

Now that you have the basics covered. Here are some helpful hints on what to ask your during your in-person venue tours to make sure you find that dream wedding venue.

  • Will you be the only wedding on your date?
  • How long do you have access to the venue?
  • Is there a bridal room and/or grooms room?
  • Is it handicap accessible?
  • How many bathrooms are available?
  • What is the parking situation?
  • What is included in the rental fee?
  • When can vendors arrive for set up?
  • Are there any restrictions for wedding decor?
  • Are there recommended vendors? Is use of these vendors required?
  • What would be the rain plan?
  • Can I see photos of the venue set up for the ceremony/reception?
  • What are the available options for setting up different parts of the wedding?

    We recommend touring at least three venues and asking as many questions as possible. Make sure you know exactly what is included and have a contract specifying these details.

April 30, 2018 |

Vendor Spotlight: Afternoon Delight Bakery


One of the sweetest parts of wedding planning is choosing a wedding cake or dessert to end your night with. (Cake tasting, sign me up!) It can be overwhelming trying to narrow down the choices. Afternoon Delight Bakery can help with all of your wedding dessert needs, whether you are looking for a traditional wedding cake or a dessert table with many options. Owner, Ashley Buerger, takes pride in each and every cake she make as it is never “just a cake,” but a work of art and a delicious memory from the best day of your life. She makes everything from scratch and can help you with designing the perfect cake.

Read on for a few tips for deciding on a wedding day dessert.


  • Choose your desserts. There are so many options, but think about what you envision for your wedding.


    • Here are a few ideas: Traditional multi-tiered wedding cake decorated with flowers or fondant. Cupcakes in a few different flavors. Small cake for cutting along with cupcakes or other desserts for your guests. Dessert bar with mini desserts- macarons, brownies, cookies, tarts, shooters etc. Cookies or pies in multiple flavors.


  • Consider your budget


    • It is important to be honest about your budget in the beginning so that your baker can recommend options that fall within this range. Typically tiered layer cakes are a per person price. To figure out how big of a cake you will need, this


    • can help.


  • Think about your favorite desserts.


    • While budget can be a big factor in choosing the dessert you serve, think about your own tastes. Does the bride absolutely love cupcakes? Is the groom a cheesecake fan? Incorporating both of your favorites can be a fun way to make your celebration unique.


  • Think about your wedding style. Is your wedding venue and decor more casual? Or are you having a black-tie affair?


    • For a more formal wedding, the traditional tiered wedding cake is common. Casual weddings with a more laid back feel often go with the less traditional desserts- pies or cookies! If you are having a wedding cake, connected the design to your overall wedding theme or colors will tie it all together. For an outdoor wedding- a cake decorating with burlap or a naked cake is a great option. For a formal affair in a ballroom, a little bling or flowers matching your bouquets are beautiful options.


  • Choose a flavor. While there are many options available, keep things simple with a few options.


    • If you are doing a tiered cake, you can choose different flavors for each layer. Keep in mind that many guests will shy away from the more unique options in favor of a traditional chocolate or vanilla. A

Afternoon Delight Bakery

    • offers about 15 different cake flavors along with more than a dozen icing flavors and filling options. She can help recommend great flavors that go well together.


  • Have some fun!


    • Why should dessert be boring? If you really want to make a statement- Afternoon Delight Bakery offers a variety of Boozy Cupcakes- Strawberries and Champagne, Mint Julep, Margarita, and more! You can also offer a late night snack of cookies and milk or a s’more bar can be a lot of fun as well. Here are a few examples of dessert tables that

Afternoon Delight Bakery

    • has done! These displays feature fruit tarts, cookies, brownies, carrot cake, mini cheesecakes and more.

wedding treats

We hope you find these sweet tips for choosing a wedding dessert helpful! What type of dessert are you planning to serve at your wedding or what did you serve? Still looking for a wedding cake or dessert bakery? Check out our favorites here.

April 19, 2018 |

Spring 2018 Wedding Trends


Springtime is a wonderful time to tie the knot. With blossoming flowers, green grass and mild weather it’s a popular time of year for many couples. Here are some of the hottest trends we are seeing (and swooning over!) in wedding fashion, color and pattern design, and food.


One of the big trends for wedding dresses is oversize bows. A feminine look, it is commonly seen on chic sheath dresses or ball gowns for a simple elegance.

Another popular trend is “celestial-inspired” with star filled designs. Dresses are airy and modern. Spring is also a great time to wear a floral embellished gown or short dress. Short dresses had a presence on the 2018 runway from tea-length to mini dresses.

Fashion forward brides can also choose a dress with a touch of black or add bold black accessories. The contrast between black and white is striking. Try adding a black belt for a subtle but stunning look.

Color and Patterns

Pretty pastels will always be one of the most popular choices for spring with romantic blush pinks and soft tones.

Bolder, brighter colors are a trendy choice. The vibrant shade of Ultra Violet is the Pantone color of the year and it’s a unique option for a bride looking for something fun and exciting. If such a shocking shade isn’t for you, tone it down with small pops of the color or use a lighter shade of purple.

Blue shades from royal to navy are also popular. Here are some palettes featuring shades of blue that we just love! Mixing blue shades is such a fun idea, why choose just one shade! Marble is EVERYWHERE this wedding season. From dance floors to cakes, this is a hot trend.


Fun displays and foodie feasts are still popular and on the rise for 2018. The request for local, organic and quality food is common. Many couples are looking to provide guests with a farm-to-table experience (Interested in this, Check out our Featured Caterers!)

Doughnuts are popular as couples continue to shy away from the typical tiered wedding cakes. Doughnut walls are one trend loved by guests! AND it becomes a part of your decor.

Another food bar quickly gaining popularity is a pretzel bar! How fun! Soft pretzels with a variety of dipping sauces from savory to sweet. Spicy mustard, honey mustard, cheese, chocolate, the options are endless!!!

What is your favorite current wedding trend? Are you incorporating any of these into your 2018 wedding?

March 29, 2018 |

Guide to Aspen/Snowmass Bachelorette Parties


Planning a Bachelorette weekend for a special bride? Aspen is the perfect destination! Glamorous, scenic and a mix of adventure and relaxation, there is something for everyone in your party to enjoy. Here are some ideas to help you plan!


  • The Viceroy, Snowmass Village: Is a popular choice for Bachelorette parties. They have luxurious 4 bedroom penthouses, a great option for keeping everyone together during the trip They have a 14 passenger shuttle that can be used to venture out into Aspen for a night out on the town without the worry of having to drive.

  • Hotel Jerome: Is a luxurious option with gorgeous views and a great location close to downtown. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the many outdoor activities along with world-class dining and shopping.

  • Frias Properties- Another great option is renting a condo or home for the weekend! It’s a great way to have everyone in your group stay under one roof with enough space. Guests of Frias Properties enjoy health club privileges and also receive complimentary airport transportation.

    Click here for additional accommodations we recommend!



Planning our your meals is important. Dinner reservations are a must in Aspen, especially for a large group. Both the Viceroy and Hotel Jerome have great dining options on property.

  • At the Viceroy, bachelorette parties can enjoy custom dinners in private dining rooms at TORO. Or for those looking for a more interactive meal, cooking classes with the executive chef. Must have dishes include the Hawaiian Tuna “Nikkei” and the Charred Brussel Sprouts- to die for! Sip on The Painkiller-(diplomatico reserva, bacardi 8yr rum , pineapple juice, coconut cream , orange juice) served in a fun pineapple glass!

  • Hotel Jerome’s J-Bar is a casual hot spot with vintage cocktails and small bites to eat.

    Other fun options we love:

  • Element 47 at the Little Nell is a favorite of locals and tourists, Element 47 features impeccable service with the local, seasonal flavors of Colorado. Great ambiance and an extensive wine list! Brunch here is also amazing, mimosas- need we say more!
  • The Bar at Wildwood in the Westin Snowmass is a fun spot to hang out. They have a nice fireplace and a beer hall feel with 10 taps of brews and pizzas!
  • Matsuhisa is a popular spot among sushi lovers! The charming little blue and red Victorian house doesn’t look like your typical sushi restaurant, but once inside it’s a sophisticated, Japanese style restaurant.
  • Venga Venga Cantina is a fun spot to get the party started. Mexican cuisine, lots of specialty cocktails and tequila tastings. They also have an Apres ski happy hour 3-6 pm Thursday-Saturday with live music.



There is a lot to do in Aspen throughout the year.

  • If you come in the winter, for those that love the outdoors, take advantage of the amazing skiing or snowmobiling. Summer, enjoy hiking or river rafting!
  • Another great option for active groups include private yoga sessions on the Ying Yang.
  • Your group of ladies will be sure to enjoy some pampering during a spa day! Treat yourself to a massage, facial or get your hair and makeup done at Full Circle Salon and Mobile Beauty. You could even book them to come do your makeup in the hotel suite!
  • The Viceroy, Snowmass Village also has an amazing, luxurious spa with a variety of treatment options. You will want to spend the day here!


Ready to get the party started?

  • If you are making it an extended weekend, Thursday night free concerts on Fanny Hill followed by drinks at Base Camp afterward is a must!!
  • Check out Belly Up Aspen. This is a music venue and is busy at night!
  • A few bars open until 2 include Red Onion, Justice Snows, Eric’s Bar and Zane’s Tavern.
  • Escobar is a nightclub that has neon lights, a modern, cool crowd and music spinning. Perfect for dancing! Book a table to ensure you can get in and enjoy this hot spot.


These are a few ideas to make your bachelorette weekend getaway to Aspen one that is unforgettable! Thank you to Katie de Besche Director of Catering at Viceroy Snowmass for her contributions to this post.

March 15, 2018 |

8 Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas We Love


Valentine’s Day, the holiday celebrating all things “love” is just a few days away. Although you may not be tying the knot ON Valentine’s Day, these ideas can help you up the romance factor at your own Aspen Wedding. Here are a few ways to make your wedding day full of love.


  • Light it up: Set the stage for a romantic vibe with different lighting. Chandeliers, candles, up lighting, or even a personalized monogram will add a special touch.


    • Engagement inspiration: Where did your significant other pop the question? Use this setting and any other fun touches to make your wedding day reflect your love story.


    • Choose the right hues: Pale pinks, whites, and reds are the typical colors of Valentine’s Day. For a softer vibe, choose pretty pastels. For a more passionate feel, deeper hues like a bold red or purple are a good option.


    • Share your love: Details of your relationship can add a creative and fun touch. Have your table numbers share something special about your relationship such as dating milestones (first date, favorite place..etc.) travel destinations, special quotes or poems, fun facts about each other- the options are endless.


    • Make it a family affair: Have a table with wedding day photos from your family members.. parents, grandparents, great-grandparents are all great to include.


    • Choose a song that means something: A song that is special to you or lyrics that remind you of your relationship are good options to include in your ceremony and reception.


    • Fit in some alone time: On your busy wedding day, making some time to enjoy the moment with just the two of you is important. Sneak off to a quiet corner for a champagne toast and soak in the fact that you are now married!



  • Grand exit: We love a fun getaway! Make a statement with a horse drawn carriage, vintage car, or your dream car.


February 12, 2018 |

Aspen Wedding Planning 101- Choosing Your Date


Are you starting to plan an Aspen Wedding? Engagement season is nearly over, (Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to pop the question) and newly engaged couples are beginning planning for 2019 and 2020 weddings. Regardless if you have been planning the details of your wedding your entire life or if you haven’t thought about your special day at all, planning a wedding can be frightening. There are a lot of aspen wedding vendors to hire and lots of details and logistics to hammer out. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed or caught up in your to-do list. This should be an enjoyable process!

One of the first tasks you should do is choose your wedding date. You can’t really do much else without having this set in stone! While this date may change slightly do to venue availability, having somewhat of an idea in mind is key. Here are some tips for getting started.

  • Narrow the search: One way to quickly narrow down specific dates is to consider the day of the week you want to choose. Typically, weddings are held on weekends with Saturdays the most popular choice. This is most convenient for guests, but there are no hard rules about this! Fridays, Sundays and even other days of the week.
  • Decide on your season: There are lots of things that can be determined by the month you tie the knot in. First major factor, (although you can’t determine this exactly ahead of time!) the weather. Do you want a wintry wonderland with snow? Or are you envisioning a warm sunny day? Fall foliage? Spring blooms? Consider the local weather, Aspen obviously has more weather differences then if you were to get married in a more mild climate. Of season weddings can provide some cost benefits and vendor availability will be higher, but you may have to sacrifice things like type of flower due to seasonal availability.
  • Consider special dates and holidays: 4th of July, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, religious holidays, Father’s/Mother’s Day, etc. are usually not the best choice. While a holiday wedding can still be fun, but guests may not want to cancel their holidays celebrations and traditions to attend your wedding. The cost of travel can also be significantly higher during these times and you may have guests coming from out of town. A plus is that Some holidays fall on long weekends and this can make it more convenient for people to travel.

    Other special dates you may want to rule out (or not!) are anniversaries, birthdays of close relatives or friends. You may WANT to choose your grandparents anniversary or the day you met.

  • Think about timing: Is there a busy season at work that would be impossible for you to focus on your wedding prep? Is there a time of year which is more convenient to take time off? For example, if you are a teacher with summers off this would ideal. If you are an accountant, right before tax day would be less than ideal.
  • Give yourself plenty of time: You don’t need to rush with the planning process (unless you want to!) Make sure you will have enough time to book vendors you want and figure out all the details. Many vendors book up qucikly and are currently booking for a year or even more ahead.
  • Be flexible. While you may be set on a particular day i.e. September 22nd, your venue may not be available that day. Have a few dates in mind and if you aren’t willing to compromise, you can choose to prioritize your day instead and find a new venue/vendor etc.

We hope these tips will help you get started on choosing a date for your wedding!

January 16, 2018 |
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